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My Korean Future - KGSP Post Study Plans

Peaches07 5 / 20 6  
Mar 8, 2017   #1
Hello guys,

How does this look or sound for a statement of purpose post-study plans?
Would welcome any feedback on this, please!
Thanks in advance

Future Plan after Study

o Future plan in Korea or another country after study in Korea

The predominant state of my country as an oil and gas force is yet to been seen particularly in the unbalancing power supply shortage/failure to its people, business, and certainly the investments and increased relationship she so much needs.

Having gained the opportunity to work with the great KEPCO in line with the Nigeria embassy, I would have established my work as a successful candidate ( I believe my schooling, research work would make me a desirable asset to KEPCO) assisting and a first hand link between the two nations relative to the electricity/power sector. My positive participation breaching borders, barriers and the likes. With language no longer a barrier but a strength, I will be equipped personally, and academically to perform exceedingly.

There is much to come from Korea - Nigeria relations, a world of opportunities already in motion and given success stories in the education (KGSP), sports (in taekwondo), cultural diplomacy and the power industry, the more awaiting discovery would be brought to life. Ideas, new inventions, inspirations would pave way for aspirations, curiosity perspectives will give birth, empower and energize Korea - Nigeria relations, a better world between Africa and the world at large. In furtherance, an expertise of experience can be gotten from other multi- national corporation outside KEPCO, access to pools of experience and tools to better strengthen the two nation's relationship, strengths exchanged, weaknesses lessons learned in the ever evolving world. Hence Korea - Nigeria not limiting I will work for as long I am able to give back what it is I have learned and I am able to grow as a person and as the work allows me. The corporation would no doubt equip me with more skills, experience and so that even outside Korea it would be seen and benefit the other organizations and or countries I would work for in the future.

The United Nation is another place I would love to work in in Korea and outside Korea in Canada. Still, my country, and where ever the need for my profession and me is wanted. Bertha Gonzalez Nieves is a Mexican entrepreneur and she said 'I see [work travel] as a lifestyle' and I akin myself to this way of life. Having studied subjects such as geography, agriculture, law, economics in the cause of my previous education, I believe with these skills and experiences from these areas I am in a better position to follow, educate, and learn different country's culture, history and news to aid my work in Korea, and the globe. The use of platforms such as Internation, Zain Verjee Group (CNN), blogs, volunteering would also come in handing.

I know the Korean way of life may not be the same given their economy advancement, culture, and history that have shaped them. Still, I would like to explore this area in relation to my country's and these outcomes would help my country to live better given the presence or relationship that exist between the two countries. I believe I will learn from the best, Korea.

In terms of participation language wise, a friend has recently started a bilingual academy and I hope to spread my wings and join her to tackle the above issues having learned the Korean language I would be able to teach the young of our generation to affect their way of living. Further, from my sisters who are presently working in immigration and customs in my country, I would have valuable expertise to learn from as well my work experience in Korea and access to other institutions like the British council where I have worked previously. And it would please me to give back to native Korean who would like to learn English volunteering where ever and when it is needed.

Sure no one should be denied the right to an education so to educate, excite, and empower the beauty nerds, workaholics, and honest living in all of us I will look to learn new or refresh the current ways. For a person's value of information is wisdom manifest by understanding.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,666 4113  
Mar 9, 2017   #2
Patience, a post study plan does not require a conclusion in the manner that you have presented. There are only a few things that you actually need to present in this essay that could easily cover 3-4 paragraphs. 5 if you really want to be clear about your discussion. The important features of your study plan should be along the following lines:

1. Upon graduation, you will look for a company in Korea that has vested business interests in Nigeria. You will join this company and try to learn as much as you can about the practical side of the government / private sector relationship of Nigeria with Korea. KEPCO seems to be a prominent international partner. So rework those references to instead be the launching pad for your years of work experience in Korea. Aim to work at least 2-3 years in Korea before you mention going back to Nigeria.

2. Building upon what you have learned, you will go back to Nigeria and there, help to launch the school that your friend started as a Korean language teacher. During this time, you will use the connections you made in Korea to help your friend gain a more prominent role as a Nigerian - Korean language school. (Think of how you might be able to do this).

3. After about 5 years, you will do your best to gain employment at the UN in Nigeria where you can put your international relations, masters degree, and linguistic abilities to good use by helping to foster Nigerian relations with other countries.

Those are the most prominent ideas that I can think of which you can discuss as your post study plan, based upon what you currently have written. Play around with the ideas and see if you can come up with a better and more related post study plan in the revised version.

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