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My last - the reintroduced leadership answer essay. I always strive to improve more.

Phoowadon 5 / 26 11  
Nov 2, 2016   #1
Most people here get used to this question, This is my second post on this topic, hoping that it is getting more efficient.

I am confident that persisting a keen and enthusiastic behavior for hard working have trained and recruited me as a problems solver, proving that being a leader as I have grown up is my lifestyle.

In 2002, I went to Switzerland as the international agricultural students. There were trainees from more than ten countries stayed and worked together in a huge horticultural farm. After I had settled and get used to a new environment, my leadership skills was honed intensively among fellows. I did not only build a trust by hard working, but also a better relationship to be a good listener, to have more patience, to decrease personal ego, and to be a co - worker. Once a massive salad order was arriving, my peers were looking for a leader for guidance, so I attempted to use this chance to show my intuition by doing a brainstorming to approach a target. Finally, we completed that task on time. It was my pride of being able to inspire my team to reach the same goal though we have had such different backgrounds. This primary experience brought me a bold attempt to take risks which is ever ready for any situation.

During a ten-year-work as an agricultural officer, my leadership has played a vital role in diverse educational events. Rural development for farmers and students was my obvious masterpiece, because it consisted of various skills and techniques inside. Whenever I ran courses for a large number of people in local communities, I always asked students at my campus for volunteering work to challenge such a great experience. To train these volunteers, I had to use as much as communication to generate enthusiasm for a hard work and responsibility for them. At a preparation for an upcoming event, I had formally explained work procedure into each student's role, informing them that every single position is highly important and must have a positive outlook.

As a leader at the training, I showed my confidence on teaching and managing people to my volunteers to instill energy among my staff. But if something went wrong, my commitment was not only allowed my student to take action immediately, but also worked alongside everyone else. By this, I could observe the respect of my followers as a fair leader, in addition, everyone seemed to sacrifice oneself to deliver the peak amount of quality work shortly afterwards.

What a wonderful outcome, lately at a graduation rehearsal day, I met most of my former volunteers who have already been leaders themselves at companies. The leadership by learning has been passed on from generation to generation. It was accomplished that showing my inspiration and motivation could encourage their job prospects and enhance their productivity.

In conclusion, good skilled leaders would certainly have an impact on human resource, result in a quality of life and more professional workforce. Chevening scholarship's opportunity will be my precursor to ensure that I must not settle to what I always strive to improve more.

stevemdc - / 1  
Nov 3, 2016   #2
stayed staying
worked working
co - worker co-worker
ten-year-work ten-year work
for them
was not only allowed not only encouraged
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Holt [Contributor] - / 9,758 3088  
Nov 3, 2016   #3
Phoowadon, you are getting better with your leadership and influencing essay discussion development. I can see that you have put great thought into choosing which of your past leadership opportunities would best suit this essay prompt. Might I suggest that you better develop your statement about studying in Switzerland? That student leadership experience is something that could definitely help make your essay stand out from the other applicants. Just remember to better expand on the idea behind how you ended up in the leadership role. Also, try to better present your influencing skill within the group. That portion is a bit scattered at the moment and can use some more refining.

In the part where you speak of showing off your confidence in in teaching and managing people, try to make it sound more like you are an influencing (inspirational) figure to the people you were handling. That is because the leadership and influencing role should have a balanced discussion and presentation within the essay.

You are currently presenting one of each important aspects of the prompt. This is an essay that, once you have developed properly, it can be used for your Chevening application already.
OP Phoowadon 5 / 26 11  
Nov 3, 2016   #4

Thanks again my instructor, I got what you have explained, so far.
It is totally very useful aver since you belong here.
munmar 4 / 11 5  
Nov 4, 2016   #5
I like your example on the salad order, i think it puts a personal touch to your leadership skills, isnt possible to add aline or two that explain the problem and how yr skills were able to solve it outside of your normal work routine?
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,758 3088  
Nov 4, 2016   #6
Phoowadon, my opinion is that the reference to the work on the farm is cute. It shows your early inclinations towards leadership. However, it doesn't portray the leadership and influencing skills that are necessary for this paper. You actually managed to deliver that important image though. Towards the end of the paper when you discussed your 10 year work as an agricultural officer, you delivered a clear example of your leadership ability with a significant touch of influencing skills included. That is a well rounded depiction of the required skills working in combination to create the kind of leader that you are today.

My belief is that you will do well to just concentrate on that aspect of your presentation. The essay need not be very long or overly informative in order to deliver the requirements you know. That is clearly seen in this piece of writing that you are considering using. I suggest one more revision based on my suggestions and then using this paper over the others that you developed in the past.
OP Phoowadon 5 / 26 11  
Nov 4, 2016   #7
Thanks again, but the fact is that I have already submitted this essay as my final decision. Do you think it is good enough?

Thanks for your another view point, I will note it down to develop more.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,758 3088  
Nov 4, 2016   #8
Phoowadon, I wish you had checked with us before you submitted the essay. There is always a good chance that the critical eye of the reviewer can help you to further perfect the essay prior to submission. The comments I made were honest and I really believe that its inclusion in your essay would have raised the bar on your application. Now, since you have already submitted the essay, there is nothing more that can be done about it. It was acceptable in its form and content to a certain degree. As to whether or not it is good enough to earn you consideration for the scholarship, at the very least, I cannot give you an accurate response. Its acceptability and consideration will be decided upon by the powers that be at Chevening. Maybe your essay will be considered, I don't dare hazard a guess at this point. I am not privy as to how the reviewer or reviewers will decide to deal with your essay. I hope they will treat it fairly though. Good luck with your application.

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