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Leaders deploy people - Leadership skills for Chevening scholarship

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Oct 8, 2020   #1


I believe that Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration, motivated by passion.
In 2016, I was elected as a youth leader in our church I have undertaken this responsibility as a burden in my heart, I was full of passion to work for my church by instilling good morals and ethical integrity in our young generation that was my vision. In the beginning, our Youth Ministry was not well organized in every sphere and this was my first task I would do to bring them together and to identify effective youth. And this didn't take long for me only in a period of three to five months I had finished to discover the young people who were willing to volunteer in our community.

At that time, I came up with the idea of putting all the young people in families so that it would be easier for us to take care of each other, visit, socialize and teach each other. The committee has accepted it and it come to fruition in leading many different youths of different behaviors. This has helped me a lot because the previous leaders had failed to gather the youth and to show them that they were capable as well as love for work and behavior change. I achieved this in one year and our leader gave me the award for bringing about positive change in the short term.

In 2017 this year was marked by disagreements in families at the time it was very difficult for me but here is how I came to deal with it:

I called a meeting of family leaders and committees. I trained them on the qualities of a good leader I first focused on the values of a good leader:

One of these values are the following a good leader does not run away from problems but a well-tested leader is born from problems grow from it. And I also told them that they have to be patient with the youth they lead because there are some who are not yet strong. Each leader must strive for unity and have relationship with each and every body in the family.

Then I called the members of each family we shared tea and coffee, and at that time I had no job but we almost spend more than $ 200. After the conversation we had that day we immediately became one person working in the same vision.

After all, it was necessary for me to resign and dismiss the leaders who did not follow the instructions we had set for the development of the family and this also has made many other young people feel capable of leading others fearlessly because before someone became a leader, I first taught him the values of a good leader who will bring about change. I have helped to raise family leaders who are now the leaders we have at various levels in the church.

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This is not an impressive leadership essay. You mostly told the reviewer about your leadership skills and how you applied it rather than showing him. You have to show the progression of your leadership skills. You cannot rely on a community activity for this particular essay. It is important that you show a professional application of your leadership skills. Being a youth leader is one thing, being a professional leader, who might be able to lead his country in a professional or political capacity is another thing. A Youth leader ends right there. The minute you become an adult, you need to have some sort of leadership supporting reference. One that applies to your job and how you function within the workplace, workspace, and a team leader.

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