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Leadership is acquired and built through dedication, hard work, experience, knowledge, relationships

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Sep 24, 2016   #1
I have written below statements to chevening scholarship and would appreciate your comments, correction and feedback

1. Chevening is looking for individuals that will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer.

MY answer

I believe that Leadership is acquired and built through dedication, hard work , experience ,knowledge, Relationship, and built A good Communicating skills . Hence, my first leadership experience came from being Team leader in inter-school competition during high school in My country Libya. I consider quick response and reaction with good Patience help me to have good leading skills. Therefore, I started my diploma degree in communicating systems at Tripoli collage and completed it with 81% grade

During which I was on use what I learned to help my colleagues and also to new students in the same course materials and act as presenter sometimes , that's help me to build good leadership and communication skills with people.

With making good relationships with teachers, instructors and college management helped me to have door open for me in the college and have easy access to library ,labs and management offices so I owned more skilss by connecting between students and college management and stuff.

As college requirement before obtaining the diploma degree to to do graduation project with three students working together. I consider at this point I my first experience in leadership with responsibility and decisions making.

First decision I advice my team to choose different idea that never been applied before. So we decide to make research with visit and practical measurement of electromagnetic radiation emissions produced by high voltage power line and mobile antenna especially those installed at the top of children schools so we can stand on the real effect of electromagnetic radiation and introduce recommendations at the end of the research study. To help to achieve best result we visit many governments locations to get support by equipment's an electronic devices and that's help us finally to get support by local agency to achieve our project with valuable results.

After graduation my college recommends me to work as lab supervisor and instructor , I accept the offer and worked for two month and later I decided to improve my skills and I get offer by High technology company called Schlumberger which world leading company in the oil and gas field technologies.

I get position as field supervisor and Working this environment is mainly concentrated for leadership people and need leadership skills to supervise and manage all operation safely and with highest quality level.

While my 2nd year in the company I was assigned as supervisor of one of the company location and I was success to achieve company goals and exceed expectation by well knowledge of company standard and good relation with clients .

Later I decide to improve my management skills so I booked for Management course called " How to mange your people held in Malaysia 2008.
The nature of my work is a leading position and mostly working as mobile employee , so working in many different location with many different peoples and leading different people cultures and acting as company representative help me to have well experience to go ahead with my goal.

I decide to leave my work for completing my study and my goals to have MASTER DEGREE , so In September 2015 I joined to Bachelor Degree course in my country Held in Tripoli college.

My work experience with private, national and international organizations has taught me one big thing that leadership is not doing everything by your own, but rather influencing or motivating a group of people and choosing the right group to do the job. Having more than 9 years of work experience, I have learned both how to lead and follow.

In the Sep 2016 I got certified with to Bachelor Degree 75% grade.
Actually hats is not enough for me as in my country and most of the world leader position has to have at least Master degree.

So while studying I spend some time for training courses in computer Networks.

My goal is leader position in my country and I have many dreams and goals and I believe in my skills and with sharing with experience people and get chance help my country in where they put us.

As recommended by my collage to apply at Chevening Scholarship and I hope to have chance to achieve my goals.
I believe I have had good achievements in my life so far. Though, it's not the end. I strive hard to move forward and complete many of the dreams I have yet to fulfill and to enrich my experiences and return with lots of ideas and strategies to improve Afghanistan and to help thousands of young people who look to people like me to give them a hand.

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