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Leadership essay. Demonstrate your potential for leadership include details of positions held

lornah 1 / 1  
Oct 23, 2017   #1

leadership experiences

My first experience as a leader was in college in charge of the environmental club. It was a great experience that provided a platform to reach out to the community through sensitization and clean-up activities. I was able to coordinate the drafting of our mandate as a club, ensure that our programs were engaging and this drew other students to join the club despite the fact that they were not environment students. Was able to establish a network with the County environment sector as well as the Kenya Forest Service who facilitated some activities by providing seedlings and forums for community interaction.

Thereafter, I volunteer as an intern at the County Government the environment sector. During the period, I participated in sector policy drafting, budgeting which was approved and selecting casual workers. Later, was nominated to participate in monitoring and evaluation training in order to develop expertise in monitoring the objectives of the sector plan and tally with the County integrated Development plans to assess performance and goals achieved.

My engagement with Adventist Development and Relief Agency Kenya has enabled me to reach out to the community. As assistant project leader, have been able to sensitize women on obstetric fistula within Nyanza region and about 207 have been treated so far. Am also responsible for follow-up on progress after treatment and academic placement of drop-outs. This has enabled me to act as a mediator to women whose husband are reluctant on such issues and sensitized them on the same.
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Oct 23, 2017   #2
you may add a conclusion paragraph at the end of the essay.
Good Luck!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,585 3757  
Oct 23, 2017   #3
Beryl is there a possibility that these experiences, save for the first one that is college related, are all, in some way, connected to your professional career? The prompt is pretty clear about requiring experiences in leadership and influencing that show your ability to become a leader in your profession / country. What I am reading here are all volunteer programs and internships. Not exactly the impressive leadership type when you consider the professional aspects required by the scholarship.

Additionally, all of the information contained in your essay highlights only your leadership profile. There is no influencing profile that is of note in this essay. Sure you were an assistant project leader who got women treated. You were not the leader of this project and as such, did not have any real leadership or influencing role in the project. Your role in relation to those 2 aspects were minimal at best. What we need from you is a professional leadership and influencing profile. One that shows off your skills and ability that might convince the reviewer that you just might have what it takes to lead your country forward in the future. The discussion in this essay is only intermediate and doesn't really carry any weight in terms of information presentation and cannot impress the reviewer.
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Oct 23, 2017   #4
thanks for your input. have not been a leader as such but have taken part in volunteer activities that I did mention.
am not sure how i should write it so that it can be more of leadership.
this it- tell us about any position of leadership or responsibility you have undertaken in the last 5 years. include details of position you held and what you did individually to make a change.[/B]
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,585 3757  
Oct 23, 2017   #5
Beryl, the part in your essay where you discussed your assistant leadership position can easily be transformed into a leadership reference. All you have to do is discuss how tasks were delegated to you. From that delegation, tell the reader how you decided to perform the tasks so that you would be seen as the leader in terms of the tasks provided to you. If you can discuss the success of the delegated tasks in such a manner that the senior project leader or whomever was the leader of the project showed confidence in your ability to fulfill the tasks by assigning you more leadership responsibilities, then the essay will better align itself with the prompt. The problem with your volunteer activities is that you were taking orders from someone else, but not really performing a leadership role. That is why I don't want you to use that example in the essay. But, as an assistant project leader, the element of leadership exists in the tasks that you are doing. So it would be a better fit for the prompt requirements. Do you think you can do that? You could use multiple assistant leader projects to illustrate the point.
Oct 23, 2017   #6
i think you should focus more on the "influencing skills" and show by examples ..

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