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Leadership - great leader's courage to fulfill his vision which comes from passion, not position

Amedia /  
Nov 6, 2018   #1

Leadership and Influence Essay

Hello, I would love any reviews to my essay. I am open to all criticism and correction. Thank you.

Leadership, according to John C. Maxwell, is influence and a great leader's courage to fulfil his vision comes from passion, not position. As a leader I believe having a vision is important but passion is the secret ingredient that helps to communicate this vision to others and motivate them to accomplish that dream with you. The organisation I founded has as one of its objectives to sensitise communities on safe waste management practices since that is a major concern in Cameroon. Not having the adequate funds to carry out this project, we partnered with another organisation, Youth Health International, which had sufficient funds to carry out a health campaign in the seven (07) divisions of the North West Region. All we had to do was cater to the needs of our volunteers. I had to convince my co-workers that the purpose for our being in this campaign and teaching people about the importance of preserving the environment was primordial since no one was willing to take the risk. We faced many challenges no doubt during this learning experience but were most satisfied because not only did we reach out to 300 youths and instructors, I was able to convince and motivate my team to keep moving forward irrespective of the difficulties faced.

One of the first projects carried out by my organisation was the fight against plastic pollution. We decided to clear drainages and streams of plastics but the challenge was recycling these, since as a growing organisation we didn't have the required equipment. The Ministry of Environment after seeing my passion and the way I mobilised citizens in the communities to join us clear these streams, gave me the project to gather these plastics and handover to companies directly linked to the products associated with plastic packaging, for recycling and reuse.

Holt - / 7,609 2001  
Nov 8, 2018   #2
@Amedia the first half of your paragraph need to be revised. The definition if leadership is of no importance to this essay. Your vision of leadership, by personal definition is a waste of space. The partnership that you created needs to be removed from this essay and moved to your networking presentation instead. The real part of this essay that you should use to build the leadership and influencing essay is the second paragraph. The discussion regarding the first project you carried out.

Define your position as a leader, what your responsibilities were and how you came to be required to work with the Ministry of environment. Who did you speak to, what passion did you show, and more importantly, how yo mobilized the community members. The latter part being the most obvious example of your influencing skills, should have its own clear and stand alone paragraph.

Work on a 2 essay presentation. The first is your definition of leadership through action. That means you don't define, but you show how you lead and the type of leadership / definition of leadership based on your actions. The second will be the influencing paragraph, focus on detailing what the problem with the community was, why you needed to influence this mindset, and how you did that.

Simply stating the facts as quickly as possible will allow you to catch the reviewer's attention and also, give you more word space to better explain yourself in terms of discussion points.

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