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Leadership plays a vital role to achieve goals

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Nov 3, 2016   #1
Inputs required please.......

I have ten years of vast experience in development sector for poverty reduction through capacity building, managerial and vocational technical skills training, micro credit, livelihood programme and provision of productive assets to poorest of the poor, identified in poverty score card (PSC). As a leader and manager I have successfully managed and implemented various development projects.

Understanding my leadership role, I facilitated organization in bringing-in innovation and took personal responsibility to ensure its effective utility on the community level. I always support my team members as dynamic project manager, showing them how they can improve themselves to achieve the project targets in more socially appropriate manner. I engaged the job placement officers (who were working under my supervision) for conducting seventy MoUs with different employers for job placement of the trained youth and the key factor behind this success was that I tried to identify areas in which the job placement officers needed my help. Similarly, to achieve the targets of providing vocational skill training to six hundred youth, I utilized input from the team's individual and collective skill set and acumen to work out the best decisions through my democratic style that resulted good quality training by utilizing the platform of private and public training institutions. It was possible because of strive for building harmony within the group of trainers and to build effective networks in my organization as a whole. As a team leader I imparted training for thirty staff of TVETs with the purpose of strengthening the TVETs to provide demand driven employable skills to the poor particularly youth and or women. Besides many challenges, I and my team ensured optimum use of resources and reflected major contribution in achieving organizational goals and vision.

In short, with multi-sector experience, I have managed and implemented the following projects with the financial support of different national and international donors that are the true examples of my leadership skills. The projects are, Livelihood Enhancement and Protection Programme, funded By PPAF through World Bank (WB), Disaster Risk Management, funded by UNDP, Small Grants and Ambassador's Fund Programme, funded by USAID, Participatory Development through Social Mobilization funded by PPAF through World Bank, Sindh Coastal Community Development Project, funded by Asian Development Bank and Barani Village Development Project, funded by GOP through IFAD

My experience backs me strongly to further pursue my career in the area of leadership, project management and implementation of development projects. It will not only give me the right platform but also allow me to replicate those skills and the learning in my country especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, South Waziristan and FATA where communities are suffering due to poverty, unemployment, escalating militancy and natural disasters. I will transform the learning not only to the program objectives but also to my other team members and colleagues involved within my department assisting me in implementing various development projects. I will further train and guide my fellow colleagues and will pass my knowledge to them so that we build the capacity of people working for poverty reduction and community development.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4652  
Nov 4, 2016   #2
Shahid, you have delivered a very strong argument in support of your leadership skill and style. It is exemplary and provides you with a clear opportunity to impress the reviewer with the projects that you handled. It is nice to read that you did not encounter any difficulties when it came to implementing the projects and getting the team to work together for the benefit of the project completion. That smoothness in your leadership style is also what makes it unbelievable.

There is no leader in the world who does not encounter some sort of leadership problem that did not require influencing his team to stay on the path of success. That is what is lacking in your essay. The example of how you inspired your subordinates when problems arose in the project. When obstacles prevented the completion of a task. Or when questions arose regarding your leadership style. How did you serve to influence these team members to perform at their best or accept your leadership based upon an inspiring example of influence and skill?

Try to come across as more human in the essay instead of a superhero. There is room for that. Show your human side as a leader. Right now, the essay is too technical in approach and requires some heart.
OP shahid2483 2 / 6 5  
Nov 4, 2016   #3

Yes, you have rightly hit the hammer on the key missing area to my answer. I will surely take this into account before finalization and submission of my application. This is actually the part that I have to add and incorporate logically. Thank you so much for your valuable technical inputs. God bless you.

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