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Essay about my leadership skills. Leadership and Influence for Chevening Scholorship

M Khan123 1 / -  
Oct 10, 2018   #1
Hi every one! I am applying for Chevening Scholarship in Agriculture field, waiting for your valuable comments on my essay.

Leadership and Influence

To inspire, motivate and influence others, a leader must have many skills and abilities such as, he must be strong, kind, bold, thoughtful, humble and have the ability to move an entire group of individuals towards the singular goal and doing such things are not possible without effective communication skills and a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished.

In 2017 I joined On Farm Water Management Project/Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock as FCC Officer (Farmers Call Center Officer), before this there was nothing by the name of Farmer call center in Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock even in Afghanistan. First of all, the Project provide us financial facilities to create a structure for (FCC), bought all equipment's for FCC, signed a contract with a private company to make a database of FCC, then with HR department I hire 15 FCC operators, in fact it was 10 operators in start but I convinced upper management that they are not enough to answer to 80 percent population of our country who are farmers then they accepted and I hired 5 more operators and all of them are qualified from recognize Agriculture Universities.

I had group of 15 members while we should gather information for farmer call center from 48 projects of ministry and also directorates so I created 5 groups of 3, 3 FCC members to go to every project and directorate and assigned them duty to create 10000 Agricultural questions with answers for FCC database which will cover all the plants that are growing in Afghanistan and also about Livestock. when they gather the information, from those plants I chose plants that are very common to grow and made a database for it by own because till that time our Farmer Call Center official database was not created and we had a testing calls so we must have something to give answers to farmers' problems and queries, this database had everything from growing up to harvesting. Also I have translated the banners of farmer call center from English to Pashto and Dari which are our official languages. Then I designed stand banners, large banners and brushers because we did not had designer in our project and these things were important for the advertisement and publicity of Farmer Call Center after the banners and advertisement every one acknowledge that we have Farmer Call Center in Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to solve the problems of Farmers and they started to contact us every day.

I have lead the team of 15 operators from nothing to a proper Farmer call center and now we are answering to the queries of our country's 80 percent population who are farmers. So from this I am a good leader and with the Chevening Scholarship I will be a better leader than now in future.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4652  
Oct 11, 2018   #2
Khan, this is not a leadership essay. A call center agent or team leader pretty much does not have any actual leadership or influencing skills because the agents are trained to respond to the phone calls and the answers either come from the "bible" or prepared responses or from a consultation with more experienced agents and the team leader. Your actual essay does not carry any remarkable or notable form of leadership nor influencing.

All you did was give a job title and work description. Unless you can come up with an actual example of an instance when you had to apply your vision or leadership and influencing within your team setting, you do not have any leadership and influencing essay to present for your Chevening application.

This essay does not qualify you for consideration due to lack of proper qualifications. You cannot use this essay. You need to write a new one that highlights your ability to lead and influence the team in a manner that also shows how you can be considered a potential leader in your country in the future.

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