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'Leading crew to achieve reasonable results' - Leadership essay for Chevening

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Oct 27, 2019   #1
Dear Essay forum members,

This is Mahdi, recently I joined this forum because I found it very useful and active web based community.
Please review my essays and if possible use your track change feature. My apologize for grammatically and every mistakes or errorsthat I made, I just written this essay in a night because of close submission deadline. it's more than 500 word I though it would be less if I made my final correction .

I would be grateful if your revising my essay.
Thanks in Advance.

Chevening's Leadership and Influence essay

Working in a team always is challenging and hard but leading crew to achieve reasonable results are struggling. I figure out this when I was sophomore in university group. From early years, I sought to gain qualified individuals experiences. Leaders are individuals who define a direction and build and make an inspiring vision build new things. Leadership is about design where you must to go to win and earn what you desire as a team or organization.

In winter of 2016 I received a phone call from Ph.D. Sayed Zia Hussaini (Director for Restoration of Darul-Aman Palace Project) to join their team as Specialist Architect since I had experience of Conservation from my previous employment at AKTC organization, additionally, courage and passion for Architecture Design in a team based project assisted me to achieve promotions in a short period of time. My leadership skills in professional career appeared when I did my first task for restoration of Darul-Aman Palace, after couple of months later, Director of Project assigned me to Head of Architecture Dep. for restoration of Taj-Baig Palace as I lead my team to prepare as-built drawings of Palace for future conservation of building. Moreover responsibility and smart working satisfied my supervisor for upgrading my position to general Acting Director of Architecture Dep. for 23 projects of Ministry of Urban Development and housing (Current MUDL). It was not the end but beginning, it helps me to participate in meetings with Minister S. Mansour Naderi, for decision making and problem solving. Darul-Aman Palace Project learned me how to communicate with 260 architects and engineers who requested to teach them fundamental of Building Conservation and how to draw standard blueprints with CAD software.

At the end of year 2017, I decided to resign and built my own business in architecture and construction of modern buildings the way of contemporary styles, therefore, stablishing ARC Group Construction Company under license of AISA holding registration number of #43723. ARC Group company has done several design and construction project by my lead and our output was awesome, It was my dream to become president of a company at age of 25 and leading 7 staff at company and more in construction site.

I am in love with traditional architecture and re-use of those building but capable with today needs of users. I believe that every age must have their own identity either if we restore a historic building to reuse for public, it should be familiar with contemporary functionality of a public facility.

In November 2018 Mr. Momand, who served currently as Sr. Advisor to the President in Transportation Affairs and was former assistant professor at Engineering faculty of Kabul University were I have graduated requested to send my resume and on that time I earned a chance to serve my people at their office in Presidential Palace, ARG as an architect with permanent employment contract at 2nd grade. At early stage of tasks I worked as specialist assistant but when they found-out my skills and abilities of leadership and intelligence Mr. Adviser selected me as team leader of specialists group for design and planning of Public Transport Infrastructure plans. It plans for the first time in country and approved by H. E the President Ashraf Ghani.

My experience with government and organizations is witness for my abilities and skills which makes me qualified candidate for Chevening Scholarship Program.
"When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future." H. M the Queen Elizabeth II
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Oct 27, 2019   #2
Remember that this is a test of your Leadership skills, the Chevening community are trying to ascertain whether or not you have any future leadership potential.

While you should add a few noteworthy names to your leadership experiences it is crucial to use your own examples. Maybe you can remove one of your existing examples to allow you develop your remaining ones.

Aside from that i think its a good piece.
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Oct 27, 2019   #3
Thank you for your comment. you right! but, I heard too much, that Chevening board focusing on political references on your file. I understand I must explain how I earned my goals to shows my ability of leadership but it's a bit complicated either I've omitted one another my work experience in a organization which I had also promotion and leading architecture students.

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