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My Life and Math - an essay for Singapore Scholarship

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Dec 19, 2011   #1
300-500 words, a short essay on a subject of personal importance to you. You may choose any topic. Examples include: an event which has influenced you or a family member/friend/person who had a significant influence on you

I see maths as life. A thing that anybody can never live without.

I came to realize that mathematics was not an ordinary school subject about calculating and solving problems. Mathematics is actually responsible for how mathematicians be the way they are.

I began to get to know math closer ever since I was in second grade of elementary school. I just got my marks in a math test about derivation and I was so close in getting a full one but there was a flaw in my calculation that made me didn't.

My curiosity as a child was pretty critical. At the same time, there was opened a brand new math course in town and my parents asked if I'd like to join. I straightforwardly accepted that offer.

I didn't know where I was brought to by deciding to join that math course class. All I remember is that I enjoyed it very much. Every day I always got some numbers of math problem to solve. Every single day, like literally there was no pause for tasks even in school holiday. It may sounds like torture for most of other child, but for me, math started to grow as a habit. I was addicted to it.

Math spirit started to grow bigger and bigger inside me and that drove me to be a mathematics enthusiast at school. My math routine in that course made me got really fluent in solving math problems. The reason was because in that course I had leaped to far higher level than my school grade was, so I faced no difficulties to get through the mathematics curriculum that my school offered. Not only in math, but also in other subjects i did show good performances. I, as a little school kid, at first didn't notice of why I could somehow be above average. I thought everything seemed to be happened to everybody.

Seven years passed and I had completed all the level in the course. Seven years doing math problems every day, seven years got a real step-by-step mind-pattern shaping experience. I now know that math is not about performing instant action. After all that had been happened in my life, the ups and downs I got, and how I overcame every problem I faced, even for how i am know, math have been playing its role. So I conclude that math is about process. A thing that which results only could be seen after a long period of time. I'm very thankful for having mathematics involving my life and I'm so sure to devote my life to it.

looking forward to developing critics :)
what title you think can fit this essay? thanks so much.
ckpckp1994 8 / 17 2  
Dec 19, 2011   #2
I understand your message on the relationship between life and math; however, I found this essay is kind of choppy. I am not sure if this is your writing style, or something else, but I suggest making every paragraph longer. Overall, I would say this is a solid essay.
OP vinskatan 1 / 1  
Dec 19, 2011   #3
Yeah I feel like I need more elaboration to each paragraph. Thanks for your feedback.

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