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My life project was always to study abroad. Personal Statement Undergraduate KGSP

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Jul 28, 2017   #1

Personal Statement Undergraduate KGSP

Since many years ago one of my life projects was to study abroad, it was there when 2 years ago I learned about this program and from there, I set myself the goal to achieve it. This program would really allow me to develop my knowledge and improve the areas in which I want to specialize, it will also allow me to acquire new experiences and meet friends from different parts of the world. There are several reasons why I chose this program because there is a lot of my admiration for the culture of work and perseverance of South Korea and also because its education system is one of the best in the world and with which I would push myself to be The most outstanding in my area and with my acquired knowledge bring them to my country back and thus contribute with its further development. I had the opportunity to meet people who managed to fulfill their dreams with this program of studying abroad and their stories motivate me also to do the same, also take this initiative because the only economic support I have is my mother and to Reduce spending on college education, I decided to opt for this opportunity and also because I want her to feel proud of having a university child abroad.

I had the opportunity to have a brief job as a manager of the profits in a store that my grandparents had, when they left for a few hours, I was left in charge of managing the daily profits of the store and there I learned to save and manage The money, and apply it when saving my money and knowing how to spend it on what was necessary for me.

I grew up in a middle-class family in Villa El Salvador, one of the districts south of the capital Lima for 15 years, my mother is a physical therapist, my aunt is studying university administration and my cousin is in the first year of high school. I can say that my family is my main point of inspiration, since they always want me to pursue and achieve my dreams and that is why each of them gives their best every day so that I can continue my studies thanks to their support and dedication. The value of responsibility and punctuality were well instilled by my family who always considered that I was the example of my minor cousins ​​so that in the future they will be motivated to carry out their projects of life as I have been doing since an early age.

From my initial stage, I always studied in private educational institutions which were close to my home, from a young age was a very competitive and persevering boy, I was not comfortable with being 2nd place in school, I always wanted To be one step ahead of the others. Since 2nd high school I occupied the first 3 places of my school and never dropped out of these posts, especially in my secondary school, where although there was pressure from my family for the study, in that period I learned to invest my time and how to distribute my Curricular activities and thus maintained a good range around my grades. It is important to emphasize that in this school stage, the research works of courses as sciences or even economy, were in groups. I was always the one who took the initiative to form groups and bring them to success, several of my friends said they saw me as a full leadership attitude and that is why some of the teachers were counting on me when they opened spaces for projects. Here too, I discovered that being humble and supportive of others makes you more moral, several of my friends had difficulties when doing research or understanding some terms of the subjects that frequently gave us to investigate and I was in charge of helping them and Give them support if something they did not understand as any leader who tries to do everything he can to guide his team toward success.

During my free time in the middle of years, I always try to take the time to do productive things that promote well-being to my body, I enjoy practicing sports such as football and other times playing instruments like the piano.

In my 1st and 2nd year of high school I got the 2nd place in my class, in 3rd and 4th year I got the first place in my class and currently in my 5th year I continue to hold the same position, participate in the Olympic Games of Maths organized by a Singapore organization at my school, in 4th year, organize my classmates together and my English teacher in mid-September at the school festival that year, a project where we spread the Asian culture in which Obviously the culture was Korean and we spread it through dances, dishes, songs, etc. , I was part of the soccer team of my school where we won the 1st place in the 2015 Federation Cup and finally I participated in a karate competition where I obtained my yellow ribbon sponsored by the National Sports Federation of my country.
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Jul 28, 2017   #2
Piero, this is supposed to be a personal statement. Not an autobiography. So the content of your essay, while is informative, it does not inform the reviewer in the manner that is required. A personal statement requires you to explain how your interest in a particular field developed. Since this is for an undergraduate course, I assume that you have a potential major in mind to study in Korea. The personal statement should revolve around that. It should explain where your passion to study this course comes from and why you believe that you have a calling to perform as a professional in this field. It should also speak a little about the university that you have chosen to study in. Why Korea? Where does your passion for a Korean education come from? Why this university? What kind of cultural exchange can the university benefit from should you become a student there? These are but some of the questions that would make for a more effective and relevant personal statement than the one that you have now. Consider revising your essay and then turning this thread into an "Urgent" one so that I can continue to review and assist you in the development of the essay. Don't post a revised version without turning it into an "urgent" thread first or you risk having the admin delete your essay because of a duplication policy we have. It is one essay per thread. The second essay is always deleted without additional advice given by the contributor.

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