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Lingual & cultural communication is a bridge; Applying for Korean Studies/KGSP-G Personal Statement

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Mar 10, 2018   #1
Hello! Im new here. I saw so many personal statement in here. Also I need help too. If you want to help me I just want to know because English is not my language so I need you guys' help to correct my grammar mistakes. It would be very helpful if you guys give me some suggestions and comments. Thank you so much!

o Motivations with which you apply for this program
o Your education and work experience in relation to the KGSP
o Reason for studying in Korea
o Any other aspects of your background and interests which may help us evaluate your aptitude and passion for graduate study or research.

The Books I Was Read

My father was a literature teacher and a school principal in high school. We used to go to fathers' school when I was in elementary school. I used to take my time with books back then. I guess I wouldn't be so eager if my dad told me to spend time with books. Now I think my father entrusted me to his school books. So there was a beginning between me and the books.

When I went to high school, of course, my enthusiasm for reading books had not changed, but it had increased even more. I read a lot of popular books before I went to high school. For example, Harry Potter. I think I still like to read Harry Potter books as much as everyone else. As the years go by I've always looked for more in the books when my ideas increased.When I couldn't find more in the books, I started compare the books was I read. When I think about the past, I see my breaking point starting here. Because I wanted to read some of the works in their own language. I could read English, I was already learning Spanish, and I thought I should learn another language too. One of my English teachers knew Chinese and tried to teach me Chinese for three months. The next semester I started the university by winning the Department of Turkish language and literature at the university. So my Chinese education was interrupted.

I wanted to study Turkish language and literature. In addition to my interest in books, my father was a literature teacher and my sister studied literature. In a family like this, was still amazed at myself.Could literature keep the father to the girls? I think it was. Then I won the university I wanted and now all I had to do was read a book. I've had some changes in my life when I was thinking like that. When I started university, my mother-especially my father - had health problems. My first choice was of course being with them, having time with them. My college hadn't been productive for a long time.

When we were at home with my mother, my mother sometimes decide on what I should read.At the end of a really bad day, my mother give to a book. She said to me I looked like him cover of the book. When I was get the book, I was thinking like that, should it be like this far and beautiful place, shouldn't be? When I started reading the book, I realized that, according to the author, there was no place like this, but there was a fact that I believed. This book really came from far away. I was definitely going to search the author of the book and explore this "A Distant and Beautiful Place". Because the Vomni very close to me.I thought there were streets like this in Istanbul. I was beginning to wonder, and I started looking into South Korea.

The books of Korean literature were too much, but the number of works translated into Turkish was very little. I was surprised for a moment because for the first time there were so many things to be investigated! Something inside me was getting me closer to South Korea. I've read the works that have been translated for a long time. South Korean dramas were very popular and I started watching to South Korean dramas.They said Korean music was beautiful. I started listening to their music.Everyday, I was learning something new. Getting to know South Korea was like getting to know someone. This country had a character. South Korea peoples' had an opinions about sadness, fun, history, literature, people and most importantly with family structures.South Korea and Turkey were culturally similar. We were geographically separated. That's what I really couldn't figure out. Technology and diplomacy were good. What about literature, language? We were too late to share these. Even when two people get to know each other, they talk about firstly their favorite music, books. To be able to understand each other better and share more.

The beginning of good communication is owing to cultural transference. As a student studying literature, I took responsibility for myself and enrolled in a Korean language course. When I started the course, I realized how late I was to learn Korean after a year. I knew we were late to share our literature. I was the one who regretted the translations that hadn't been done so far. I took responsibility for this to happen in the future. I was thinking it wasn't too late to do that. I thought it was possible after all. As I continued to learn the language, I quickly became excited to go to this country and see it. We went to the summer camp at Kangwon National University, on the recommendation of a friend at Istanbul University. After the camp was over, there was something I was sure of. The success of this country was not to forget their past, also to build its future on the foundations of their past. Every historical building I saw in Kangwon, Seoul, Daejon, Jeonju was telling me to these thoughts. What country has a museum in which to the dishes? I was impressed with this program, and I decided to go back to Korea to learn more about it their history, language, culture. I promised myself I'd share what I've learned. I would do anything to do understand the cultures of the two countries' that are so close to each other in a cultural sense. I was going to do my best to create an invisible bridge between the two countries in a cultural sense.

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Mar 10, 2018   #2
I would like to give you as good a feedback I can but this is my first time so bear with me.

The overall idea I get from your statement is that you enjoy reading.I don't think we really learn about your education and work experience in regard to KGSP.

You should develop a bit more on that.

I am not trying to be mean by saying this, but the structure of your sentences is a little off. I think I an understand the message you are trying to convey overall, but I also believe that part of the message is lost because of it. I can see that you are trying to use nice "turn of phrases", but the translation is not always quite right. So I would suggest trying to use much simpler sentences, so you can minimize the errors.

In my opinion, the last paragraph was the most interesting, where you talk about your experience in Korea, and what prompts you to want to go back. We can gather that you are very interested in the country and the culture. However as said before, the sentences structure can make it delicate to grasp. Also I think you should talk more about the reason why you want to study in Korea, what would this education system/ this country give you that you might not find in your home country maybe.

You could also say a bot more about your motivation to go to South Korea.

I hope this helps, even if just a little bit.
Don't be discouraged, and good luck with writing your Statement.

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