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Logistics project - Leadership for Chevening

Oni 2 / 2  
Oct 29, 2018   #1

Leadership on project logistic

I am a future-oriented person. 2012 was the beginning of my life. After graduating ceremony, I accepted in one of the prominent logistic company over Indonesia by (insert company's name). I accepted as a generalist in the role of the managerial program. I would like to point out right at the beginning that logistic field was very brand new to me and it really excites me.

It strikes me that after completing 1 year in class and technical training throughout the programme. I get the position onto project division under operation and commercial team. Through the year spent, I was apart of several projects logistic as assistant project logistic manager. It told me numerous experiences. Once in a while, 2014 I get a chance to be project logistic manager for relocating heavy lift cargo from one place to another place within Java island (reimported the cargo). There were two ways of looking at this, I choose to accept this as a challenge that I need to accomplish as one of my stepping stone towards my future plan. I wanna make an impact on society, the big impact could be started by from very small step then I thought at the moment strictly that logistic may suit me well

Technically since this project really important to me and I won't make them fail so I started to make a certain note for what do's and don'ts. The project started by taking and saving all the information I need accordingly and answering all the queries that came over my mind, what is the project? What is the problem may come? How is the option to overcome? Who would be my team? In overcoming them, I collect one by one and making them a note as my initiation part of this whole project logistics. The most challenging part I met, I was the youngest project logistic manager at that moment. As the youngest project logistic manager at that time, I was in a real spotlight among the other. I had to lead more than 25 teams consist of technical staff, drafter, finance staff, and operation supervisor, which theirs within 35 - 48 age years old. The burden hands me so hard but I try to make a comprehensive solution. On the other hand, firstly i create a comfort environment within my team, which they can perform and give their best. I talked and discussed a lot to them and listen to them carefully in every weekly meeting in order to increase a bond relationship within my team.

Through a long process, my first project logistic was done completely great. The time arrival came in time, the cargo safe and also the team. All stakeholders were happy and shook my hand to congratulate me all the way. Afterward, I am working onto another prominent logistic project over Indonesia such as transporting all material of Geothermal Energy Plant at Karaha Bodas, West Java.

jolivares 3 / 5 1  
Oct 29, 2018   #2
Hi Oni, it would be helpful if you provide the actual promt you're responding to. Nevertheless, here is my feedback according to what I understood.

You have many grammar and spelling errors which makes it hard to understand, and you're writing is rather informal, which is not acceptable for a Scholarship application. Please do not say "I wanna make", for example.

You are not detailing a leadership situation in which you were involved. I recommend you use the STAR method to demostrate how you have developed (or acquired) those leadership skills required for this scholarship.

I highly recommend to check your grammar and rewrite this essay, you might have the ideas but is not very coherent in this response.

Hope this helps and best of luck.
Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Oct 30, 2018   #3
Poni, the focus of your leadership and influencing essay should be on how you, as the youngest logistics manager at the company managed to lead a team of older people. Certainly your position requires an age-gap discussion. So the main point you have to make in this essay is how you earned their respect to become the team leader that they would follow and take instructions from and how you used your youth to influence and inspire them to work for you. That is how you frame this leadership and influencing essay in an effective manner.

The first part of the essay had you in an assistant position, which is not the same as a leadership position. Omit that part. Just talk about the project in 201 that you took the lead on. That means you will have to write a new essay that will highlight the events that took place during that time which resulted in a successful leadership and influencing task for you.
OP Oni 2 / 2  
Oct 30, 2018   #4
Hi, thank you for the feedback i will be back for the new essay accordingly

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