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Long and short term goals (to be a pharmacist)

Jan 10, 2010   #1
PROMPT: Discuss your short and long-term goals. Are some of them related? Which are priorities? Be specific in describing short and long-term goals you may have. Provide examples from any aspect of your life. In addition, if you have already accomplished some short or long-term goals you set for yourself in the past, you can discuss them.

As a little girl, I aspired to be the top surgeon-astronaut-lawyer-supermodel when I grew up. I was foolish and dreamt big. Yet to this day, I still set my goals high and continue to strive towards them. But my first priority was to focus on one career at a time. My desire to work in one of the most advanced and progressive fields sparked my passion for medicine. With first hand experience, of a family member whose life threatening condition was cured with the help of miraculous medicine, intensified my dedication. From there, I yearned for a career in pharmacy. I could not find anything more satisfying than dispensing potentially life saving medication to the sick and ailing. At that moment, I realized I was destined to become a pharmacist.

Only in my wildest dreams could I imagine myself graduating from Pharmacy College; but as my own high school graduation looms nearer, I am one step closer to living me dream. Being able to obtain my Pharm.D. degree has become my long-term goal.

In order to accomplish this goal, I have set many short-term goals to prepare myself to endure hardships and overcome challenges. The first goal that takes top priority is to maintain my path to be valedictorian. Besides earning straight A's, I wanted to prepare myself for college by taking advanced and college courses throughout high school. Even though it is stressful at times, I have learned the meaning of diligence and perseverance.

Another goal I wish to fulfill is to be accepted into OSU's ( I didn't abbreviate this on the essay) College of Pharmacy Early Admissions Program. By surpassing the requirements for minimum grade point average and SAT score, I am eligible to apply. Being eligible is just one of the obstacles I need to conquer for entrance into this rigorous program. My essays and academic record will carry me through the rest of the hurdles.

All my academic short term goals stem from my dream to become a pharmacist. Although the path I set is demanding, I believe nothing can obstruct me from pursuing my dream.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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