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'Master of cancer drug discovery is only available at Bradford' - applying Chevening Scholars

Angela Nang 4 / 10  
Aug 26, 2016   #1
4.Outline why you have selected your chosen 3 university courses & explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experiences and your plans for the future.

It is obvious that UK education has the world recognized reputation as we see our witness in both history and nowadays. Due to the critical and innovative study environment, I decide to pursue my dream at UK universities. Based on the courses provided by the universities and my interest, I choose to apply University of Bradford and London Metropolitan University for three courses. Both universities offer Master of cancer pharmacology whereas Master of cancer drug discovery is only available at University of Bradford. Thus, I apply two courses at that university.

To be honest, I prefer cancer drug discovery course more. Myanmar has variety of flora and plants such as timbers, fibers and medicinal plants which are still unexplored. It is needed to discover and conduct further scientific researches to investigate the medicinal capacities of those plants as most of the best sources of novel medicines are derived from herbs. Pharmacognosy, a science of studying active principles of crude drugs from plants and animal origins, is one of the major subjects in my bachelor of pharmacy. I think my desire is originated from that subject. The course offered by the university of Bradford can provide technical and theoretical knowledge concerned with safety, accuracy and quality of pharmaceuticals. If I can study that course, I will surely apply this knowledge by accessing the effects of folk medicines used by our indigenous people. My target area may be my birthplace, Kachin state where the traditional use of crude drugs is largely influenced. I wish to research them with scientific approaches.

According to the report of WHO cancer Country Profile 2014, chemotherapy is still out of reached in the public health sector. The top 50 courses if death in Myanmar includes 12 types of cancer and over 60,000 new cancer cases are estimated to occur each year in Myanmar. The death rate of oral cancer stands the fourth in the world rank. There is an increased need for professionals with unique skills. In chemotherapy and I am eager to play a role in the healthcare givers. Thus, I require to study cancer pharmacology to become an oncology pharmacist. After studying Master degree, I will contribute my learning for the patients by optimizing the therapeutic outcome with as least side effects as possible. By co-operation with other health professionals,we can improve the longevity and quality of patients' life, that is what we always expect to be.

Optimal treatment often requires new ways of therapeutic methods. An oncology pharmacist is a lifelong learner, so I do need to update my professional abilities to provide and promote the monitoring of medication through accurate decision. Excellence does not emerge without appropriate help. That is why I deduce to apply Chevening Scholar and study in UK which supports a positive and co-operative study atmosphere.
ichanpants89 [Contributor] 16 / 777 309  
Aug 27, 2016   #2
Hi Angela, here's my analysis towards your essay. I hope you can follow through.

1st paragraph:
- I am really sure that the prompt is pretty clear about 3 university courses. I assume that the correct one is to choose 1 course for each university. Thus, you have to choose 3 universities and pick a course from each of them. Choosing 2 courses in a university and another course in different university would be inappropriate. Perhaps, you can contact Chevening through this link chevening.org/contact-us to make you sure about this. If, for example, you have written a correct answer, you can just ignore my feedback in this paragraph and I would like to say sorry for making you worry about this.

2nd paragraph:
- You have no serious issues in this paragraph.

3rd paragraph:
- I don't think that personal pronoun "we" is needed in this paragraph. You've used some of them in which this makes your essay becomes less formal. Over-using personal pronouns is one of the think that should be avoided. Furthermore, you've said "you would contribute your learning for the patients", the question is what patients? I think that if you elaborate or at least describe it further what kind of patients that you're talking about. This would be nice in developing your essay and improving the clarity itself.

As you can see Angela, you can post the revision under my comment and I would like to focus on grammatical range and accuracy later on. Perhaps, you can also confirm my assumption in the first paragraph by contacting Chevening committees. Good luck for that :)
OP Angela Nang 4 / 10  
Aug 27, 2016   #3
Hi @ichanpants89!
I am very delighted because of your advice. I will make sure the courses and post y essay again.
I want to focus on cancer patients.
Thanks for your assessment. :)

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