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Master of Economic Policy (MECPO) - MECPO AAS

kra013 1 / -  
Apr 14, 2021   #1
Hi Guys, i need your opinion about my essay for Australia Awards Scholarship

1.Why did you choose purposed course and institution?

I am applying to the Master of Economic Policy (MECPO) with a focus on Industrial Economics because I believe that comprehensive economic policy is the key factor to national economic recovery due to covid 19. In *Country*, Industry contributes approximately 38.9% of GDP and employed 22.7% of the labor force in 2020. As a candidate for Policy Analyst at the Ministry of Industry (MOI). I want to contribute to create policies and evaluate existing policies that will have a multiplier effect as a response to support economic recovery.

At the MOI, if I wanted to develop my career, I had to choose a functional official position. one of the positions available is a policy analyst. I want to prepare myself as an effective policy analyst in industrial economics. Since 2018, I saw colleagues on my team who experts on technical and engineering issues but lack economic core skills. I am interested in filling that void and becoming an industrial policymaker who understands the direct positive impact on national economic recovery due to covid 19.

I have done research that offers master's programs in economic public policy. There are only two universities, the Australian National University (ANU) with a MECPO and the University of Queensland (UQ) with a Master of Economic and Public Policy (MEconPP).

MECPO program at ANU is well known as the best in APAC. I am interested in their program outcome which is able to analyze the economic effects of policy changes and to communicate them as a professional economist in business or government. Moreover, they offer an "Industrial Organisation" course which will be introducing the theory of the firms, imperfect competition, and other strategic behaviours. On the other hand, MEconPP program at UQ will be focused on economic analytical tools needed to design and evaluate public policies. I am interested in their outcome that understanding how government intervention affects the economy. it is closely related to my professional goals.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,692 3498  
Apr 15, 2021   #2
You need to have a focus beyond Covid - 19 to help make your desire to compelete this program more relevant. Bear in mind that Covid-19 is not a permanent economic state, social state, or state of mind. While you may refer to Covid 19 as a part of the reason for your interest, the discussion should also reflect an idea that you are looking forward to rebuilding your economy within a post Covd-19 world, also known as "The New Normal". How do you see your country emerging from the Covid - 19 situation economically? How will these studies help chart a new path based on your idea for the post Covid 19 economy of your country? How does your vision relate to your chose courses? Go beyond Covid - 19. You do not get extra points for focusing only on the economy under Covid - 19. That is a narrow minded way at looking at this career development opportunity. . Right now, you have a one track mind in the discussion, which shows a limited potential in your growth as a future economic influencer in your country.

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