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Masters in Education, Study Plan.

nur097 1 / -  
Mar 10, 2019   #1
I know that I have grammatical mistakes and I will correct it. But can you give me feedback about how much effective this GKS(KGSP) STUDY PLAN?

korean language and educational system

The goal of my studies in South Korea is to be the educational researcher and university educator who will address the topical issues in the educational field, as well as cultivate moralizing teachers. To become an in-demand specialist, I will master my Korean language which has similar sentence construction as Kazakh language. This is especially true since multilingualism offers access to the most comprehensive information. Huge amount of information will be valuable to compare the education systems of the world. As I am translator who compares the different versions of the translation, I am very aware that comparative method is the most powerful tool of identifying the best of the best. And in today's world it's hard to find another country that gives priority to education than South Korea. Therefore I plan on exposing shortcomings of my country's education system through comparing with Korean.

At this juncture, XXXXXXXXXXXX is the best place to accomplish my academic and professional purposes. XXXXXXXXXXX is the only one South Korean university providing extensive courses about education from various perspectives. Compared to other universities, only here master's program covers all subareas of education, thereby assisting to build my view about how different fields of Education are interconnected.

During the first year of studying at XXXXXXXXXXX I plan to reinforce my knowledge and understanding of the foundations of Education. To that end, I am interested in Philosophical Foundation of Education, Contemporary Philosophies of Education, and Studies of Pedagogy. Also, I understand the need to study the course Urbanization and Educational Problems owing to the fact that recently my hometown XXXXXX city has turned into a regional centre. It means that this event will be reason for growing urbanization of the nearest villages. It is necessary to determine the sources of the Educational Problems in order to prevent. Although, I possess a substantive knowledge about the course Issues in Teacher Education, I want to explore the topic of teacher's aggression. As I have observed aggression is predicated upon certain factors such as competiveness, the negative effect of technology etc. And South Korea uniquely combines competitive culture and renowned technology. I am mostly excited about how Korean teachers deal with the aggression living in this country. As the future educational researcher, I cannot ignore the course Introduction to Qualitative Research. This course will help me discuss ongoing debates about qualitative methods and their contribution to understanding educational problems.

My second year will be devoted to the comparative analysis of Educational Systems of different countries, namely the best education systems of South Korea, Finland, Singapore and developing countries. As a result I would love to take courses in Comparative Study of Educational Institution, Seminar in Comparative Education, Multicultural Curriculum and Globalization and Education. Ewha Womans University is the unique higher institution with the courses Sociology of Women's Education and Feminist Philosophy of Education. I hope these courses will contribute to identify benefits of single-sex education. Studying Western Educational Thoughts and Modern Korean Educational Thoughts, Comparative Study of Educational Thoughts will be the great chance to make comparisons of educational thoughts of old and modern educators. I have always been curious about the problems caused by the influence of technology and globalization. But what interests me is how modern Korean educators overcome the problems as internet addiction and the way of preserving student's cultural values. Consequently, one of the possible topics of my research will be Peculiarities of Forming XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Mar 11, 2019   #2
Nuraiym, for the goal of study and study plan, you must develop a title for your research and an objective for your research. Basically, you have to explain the relevance of your research, the method by which you will complete the research and your expected outcomes in essay form. as an example, the format is:

Goal of Study: To learn the difference between Korean and English
Title of Study: A Comparative Analysis of Korean and English Languages
Detailed Study Plan:
My research will involve an exposure to...I plan to study these themes through the use of...In the end, I hope to...

This will be the preliminary presentation before you actually delve into the deeper presentation of your tentative thesis proposal. This is in essay form but requires a specific overview of your research topic and methodology. It is not a semester by semester report of what you want to learn and how you plan to learn it. I am afraid you have not properly responded to the prompt requirements. You have to write a proper response using the example format above.

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