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My math struggles - I could not understand a lesson, and didn't know how to do my homework

wenwenlei 2 / 1  
Nov 10, 2014   #1
Can anyone help me to check this essay?Is this OK to apply scholarships?

When I was in Junior high school sophomore in China, my math was so bad and always fail in the tests because I did not like math. I was very depressed at that time, I could not understand a lesson, and did not know how to do my homework. In China, the school system was very different from United States, school would be based on academic to place student. I was so lucky to assign to the class with good scores.I knew that if my math kept going down, I would be kicked out of this class.At this time, school deployed a new math teacher to my class, she was also in charge of our class. She was beautiful and has a mild temper, she made me feel that she is not a terrible teacher.

In fact, I didn't think this new teacher will have any impact on my math at the beginning, she didn't use any special methods to teach me math, just like the other teachers. However, a decision that she made changed my aversion to math, and even affect my life. She chose me as an actress in school performance, I was so surprised, I even cannot believe it because I was a very shy and introverted person, I had never express myself in the public, I didn't have any confidence. Then I ran to asked her:"why do you chose me?" She smiled gently and said: " Because you look pretty and I believe can do it." Finally, I did my best on the performance and was commended.

Because of her decision, I began to have confident and more people knew me in school, I wasn't afraid to express myself in public. She changed my life and also my math, I liked my math teacher and I wanted to use my math progress to appreciate her. Later, I found out I got a lot of interest on math and I wanted to be an accountant in my future.

Now, I leave everything behind in China to start a new life in United States. I do not give up my professional goals, so I keep going school and taking classes here at XXXCollege. In order to get my high school diploma, I am taking the high school classes on campus. I almost complete my high school credit and this is make me so happy because I had overcomed a lot of struggles on it. I also taking a college math class on campus this semester because I pass the math placement test in college. Although I have a lot of homework and test on math, I do not feel any stress on it just because I love to calculate. I go to school in daytime every monday though friday and do a part-time job in weekend in order to make money to support my living expenses and tuition, I feel substantial about my life even though sometimes I feel tire.

In the five years future, I going to earn my AA degrees and transfer to a four years university to get my accountant certificate. If I become an accountant in future, I will use my professional knowledge to help this community. But school is expensive, I don't know if I will able to continue my education if I don't get a scholarship. I really need this money to go to school and stay in school. College is very important and I know that with this scholarship I will figure out what I want to do in life and how to succeed.
ahmadmmustafa 1 / 2  
Nov 10, 2014   #2
the school systemswasis very different from those inThe United States

school would beit is based on

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