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MBA course in the UK - 'Networking' essay for Chevening

thithinwe 3 / 7 1  
Oct 11, 2018   #1
Please give me suggestions and advice.It is really helpful to me.Thank a lot.

Sharing and receiving information through highly established networks

Sharing knowledge,experiences and updated techniques and receiving information and financial resourced through highly established networks is an indispensible part of professionals.Therefore,among all my networks,I have the strongest relationship with Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association(MYEA).

It involves young entrepreneurs,students,investors,managers from all fields and regions in Myanmar.It's purpose is to connect them,increase knowledge among them,and support development of Myanmar economy from an angle.It holds expert talks,panel discussions which share life experiences,business strategies and latest innovations of successful entrepreneurs.

My family contributes some shares in my cousin sister's Royal Bakery and Cafe,and I work there at the weekends.Due to MYEA,I and sister made friends with some backery owners, constituted a group with them,and have shared ideas and techniques to improve our business.MYEA involves economists,professors, and founders of Business Schools,so we can approach to them when facing up a hardship in our business.Mainly,from expert talks,we gained practical knowledge which we hardly discover in management course books.

On February,my sister opened a new cafe,but soon there was a competitor nearby and consequently the sale of our cafe plummeted,resulting in nearly closing down it.After that,I attended an expert talk in MYEC and that changed the situation since I got new ideas.This was because we were using only one differentiatin techinique and therefore the competitor could easily imitate our business.Then,by combining myraid differentiation and innovation strategies,such as providing car parking facilities,small rooms for the families and casual meetings,offering discounts and coupons,selling new cakes for the diabetic patients,providing online delivery service,we could relieve the risks of closing down our cafe.

This is really useful for Chevening scholars who will establish businesses.For instance,those from Textile Industry can support them to run Retal distribution of clothing and scholars can build a strong social network from business people from different fields.This can facilitate fellows to invest further into new areas and do new kind of businesses.

If I can attend MBA course in the UK,I will apply for membership of the Association of MBAs(AMBA) Development Network(ADN) and learn business tactics,management structures of UK industry by going successful industries.When I finish establishing my shoe business,I will join to be a member of British Footweaar Associaton(BFA) and set up Myanmar Footwear Association here,and produce high quality shoes with international standard.If I have a chance to join MBA course in UK,all of my plans will be implemented conveniently and I will definitely try ti develop Myanmar Shoe Industry and the economy of Myanmar by making contacts with business people,professors in Management Institution in UK,and applying latest business techniques here.Then,I will share these knowledge in Chevening Community,MBE,UMFCCI and support Chevening MBA scholars in establishing businesses by applying my networks.
dfwm 3 / 7 1  
Oct 11, 2018   #2
This is a good essay. i think highlighting your role in this as opposed to both you and your sister will bring out your networking skills better. Since it is a "I' essay and not "we".
Holt [Contributor] - / 7,660 1998  
Oct 12, 2018   #3
Thi thi, this is a terribly personalized contact presentation (Which is different from a network) that does not show any national or international application for the Chevening community. The essay is self centered on your cousin's business and the local organization (which is not a network) seminar that you took to help improve her chances against the competition. This did not really help you create a business network. You have thought of the networking essay as simply a seminar attendance requirement which is it isn't.

A networking essay needs to show how you develop business contacts, develop those contacts, and use a series of those contacts in the pursuit of your own professional needs and development. This is only a seminar learning based essay. It is not going to help you establish that you have a working professional network that can be useful to the Chevening community. When compared to the other participants network presentations that have a national or international coverage, your networking essay is not only amateur but non-existent.

Develop a real networking essay. Read the examples that are on this forum and try to develop a networking presentation along similar lines. You cannot use any part of this current essay because it does not apply in terms of content and focus.

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