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An MBBS program study essay on how I chose my proposed course and institution

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Apr 15, 2016   #1
In my teenage life, I begin to realize a growing interest in the medical field. My intent interest came as a surprise when considering that I've had no influence from my family since mostly they worked at companies as cahiers and Clark. My mum has always stood beside me and told me to do MBBS. Nevertheless, my interest in medical field has become a priority and major goal in my life since the financial state of my family was not good.

When i was in primary school at the age of 10, I joined Tavua Red Cross Society and activated myself as an active volunteer. Being in Red Cross made me knowledgable as health programs and other activities were done. Through this, it motivated me to achieve my goal.

Although, lot had to be leant and it was not easy to become a doctor but i kept my goal in my mind.
I felt reaply great engaging with Red Cross. As recently, in Fiji, Tropical Cyclone Winston, the second strongest cyclone in the world hit the islands, lots of people were hurt and their homes were completely destroyed. People's hygeine was an issue of concern whereby the chances of diseases getting to people was an issue of concern. Red Cross in Tavua started distributing relief items to the most vulnerable. While distributing relief items, my heart was filled with joy, the people were humble and appreciated for the treat we gave them. However, during this time i had noticed that hygeine was the big issue which led them to different types of sickness which was also hard for them to get rid of it. That moment made me be more be into my goal.

I plan to do MBBS at Fiji National University (FNU). I have chosen this University as it is one of the renown universities in Fiji and the place of study is amazing. The study i want to do is also offered in that university.

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Apr 29, 2016   #2
Hi David, thank you for appreciating our work here on EF, whenever we log in, its always a good start to read students feedback. I personally made it a routine to read the feedbacks, one of the many reasons that keep us going.

Moreover, just like other jobs, its always good to be appreciated and even more so, when you can read and the rest of the team can do to, your likes, your comments, mean more to us and it fuels our purpose to keep helping and assisting as much people as we can.

I hope to review and read more of your essays and any writing project that you may have. We will always be here to be able to provide you with the most constructive and comprehensive analysis from your essays.

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