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medical doctor for a postgraduate scholarship

marilyn007 1 / 2  
Jul 5, 2009   #1
hi everyone...

i was just going thru the various threads and how helpful all of you guys are....

pls, i am a doctor and i am applying for a post graduate scholarship, they asked me to write them in detail what i want, so i thought i should start with a cover letter....please i want it to be the most unique out there...

HELP....now i just got few hours to submit


thank you all
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Jul 5, 2009   #2
Well, why don't you start by writing in detail about what you want? We can't help you too much there -- we don't know you, what your career goals are, why you need a post-graduate scholarship, or why or even if you deserve to receive one. So, brainstorm the answers to these questions, then write up your ideas into a draft and post it here. Then, we will have some material to work with when we try to help you.
OP marilyn007 1 / 2  
Jul 5, 2009   #3
hi my friend thank you sooo much for replying back.

well i am a resident surgeon and i had been to a really big teaching hospital in Germany, for a period of one month, and hence they offered me to join them in other words to do my residency (specialization) in Trauma Surgery, with them, but going through all the regular procedure....and hence they gave me these scholarship guys to approach...and i did, now they want everything what i want my goals and everything written in a brilliant form ... PLEASE HELP

here i tried to write...but dunno what shall i add more??...

does it sound any good????

Greetings Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a medical graduate, having successfully obtained and completed my course, that is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from xxxx in the year 2007. My professional career exhibits a record of strong achievement and significant contributions. Therefore, I aim to grow professionally and in the ideal environment....

what shall i add more???

shall i add my Germany experience in the cover letter....to mention how i came to know these guys???

thank you so much

God bless you
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Jul 5, 2009   #4
Again, a good place to start would to write about your goals. What do you hope to accomplish in the medical profession? How will doing a residency in trauma surgery help you to accomplish those goals? Why do you think this particular hospital would be a good place to pursue those goals? And so on.
OP marilyn007 1 / 2  
Jul 5, 2009   #5
hmmm...but that all would fall under personal statement...isnt it??....but to furnish a cover letter???>>.... :-(
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Jul 5, 2009   #6
If you like, your cover letter can simply ask for consideration and identify the attached application items. If, however, you want your cover letter to stand out, then you will have to have something of substance to say in it. This might be your goals, your experience, or something else that is unique.

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