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Medical physics - QEC scholarship; Development impact and post study outreach

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Dec 2, 2019   #1
This is my draft

Your reviews would be highly appreciated

Ms in medical physics

Development impact and post study outreach

The main challenges my work seeks to address are; the advance medical imaging modality with it's equipment,complex processes as well as radiation safety and protection,quality assurance and lack of qualified medical physicist.Medical imaging technologist major challenges are limited knowledge and skills in maintaining medical device functions properly, perform quality assurance and monitor radiation safety and protection to patients and health professionals. There is no qualified medical physicist available to supervise, evaluate and manage the medical equipment and provide local training and education for local medical technologist.Therefore this work is highly required in the healthcare industry now and in the future.

What skill I expect from these scholarship are knowledge in physics, medicine and patient care, have scientific/ methodical approach, concentration skills, be self motivated, enquiring mindset,the ability to explain complex medical procedure and equipment to medical staff, problem solving and observation skills , work under pressure and have good mathematical and technical skills.

New knowledge and skill would be shared through local training , education , seminars and conference. Conducting of specialized local training and practice to local technologist through interactive lectures,topic discussions and tests, will enhance their knowledge and skills in their performance . Education is an important aspect of sharing also with medical health professionals, students and public. With short terms course, provided fundamental medical physics principles will enhance and improve scope of jobs and service delivery. Seminars are vital to any organisation that aims to advance and innovate new ideas and technical aspect of its service quality. In healthcare setting health professionals use seminar as platform for sharing of medical related issues and solution.These platform create opportunity to share the knowledge and skills attained, to enable health professionals provide quality services. Furthermore, National health conferences consists of governmental representative, non-government, policy makers and stake holders to discuss and educate on national health issues in the country. Such highly regarded conference shares mutual respect and understanding to health care professional to allow them express their roles and what hinders their ability to increase service efficiently. Thus, is an opportunity to share knowledge and skills gained. Therefore, this scholarship have positive impacts to the lives of people through sharing knowledge and skills.

The skills and qualification would be applied by establishment , implement and supervise radiation safety and quality assurance programs for medical imaging equipment, measure radiation emitted or detected by medical devices, optimize diagnostic and therapeutic procedure involving medical devices, commissioning and supervise the delivery of new medical devices, technical specification of equipment and design installation, acceptance and commissioning of equipment,technical maintenance of equipment, research and innovate new medical device and teach radiation safety and equipment usage.

My short term career plans is to build my experience in leaderships skills and personal confidence in the community. In order to drive change and bring positive impacts in the community level or wider commonwealth, leadership qualities is a leading factor , that is the ability to lead the community.

My medium career plan is to be a leader in the community and wider common wealth and use my knowledge in medical physics principles,methods and technique in practice and research for prevention,diagnosis and treatment of human disease with a specific goal to improve humans and well being in the community and wider commonwealth region.

The studies would bring solution to the challenge by empowering me to attain a qualification that specializes in evaluating, research and resolve challenges in medical imaging and provide role in leadership in the community.

The sustainable Goals my work align to is Number 3 "Good Health and Well being" , Number 4 . 'Quality Education".

I Hope these statement answers the question , strong and appealing to the evaluator.

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Dec 3, 2019   #2
Hello. Thank you for coming to the site! Hopefully, my feedback will somehow help you in this essay.

When writing, remember to be extra critical of the fundamental details of your writing. More specifically, as can be noticed from your writing, the first parts of the essay appear to be rather cluttered. You need to make sure that you abide by the conventional rules of appropriate usage of punctuation, spacing, and the like. Once you have settled this in, you can work better with the content of the writing itself.

You have a clear tendency to over-explain as well. Try your best to avoid excessive language in order to properly expound the reasons as to why you have chosen this program. For example, you didn't really need to explain the whole educational system aspect in the third paragraph given that it draws attention away from the primary context: the knowledge and skills gained. Always be mindful of how you place information as you do not really have sufficient time here to write excessively without a care for the writing.
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Dec 3, 2019   #3

Thank you very much for your feedback. It truly helps me a lot.

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