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Nov 26, 2019   #1

Masters science in Medical physics statement

This is my draft.

I have chosen Masters science in Medical physics because of the rapid advancement of the medical imaging modality and its users limited knowledge of the amount of radiation exposure to the patient, imaging technologist and the environment. Recently, more advancement of imaging modalities and systems such as digital radiography, mammography , conventional x ray and soon to be installed computed tomography in the hospitals and various health centers in Country Xx are seen . It has anticipated to increase in the future because of its essential role to detect, evaluate and aid in diagnosis and treatment of patients. I have been working as a senior Medical imaging technologist after graduated with bachelors of medical imaging science with the task to do xray procedure , ultrasound imaging and provide optimal diagnostic images. However, i have experienced in our hospitals the amount of radiation absorbed was not measured or detected thus, we are not aware of overexposing patients. With the lacking in depth knowledge and understanding of the principles of the medical physics that governs the amount of radiation exposure and biological risk it can impose on the people and environment. has motivated me to further my career in the field of medical physics.

Therefore i have chosen these specific course to enhance my knowledge to provide radiological services with a more awareness of the radiation exposure and threats to patients, medical technologist, public and environment.

The important aspect of this course is with the advancement of technology in the field of radiology there are health provider relay on medical physicist therefore , medical physicist training and education is also increasing to meet the international standard. Therefore these course will equip and prepare me for my future career.

I choose this university xxx because the university has been one of the best in the region and have highly trained lecturer friendly student environment and the program offered is well structured in which i am familiar with its core subjects which is convenient for my personal preference. Furthermore i will be interacting and learn different unique diverse cultures.

I have browse through the campus and student life website and research on other extra curricular activity.

In my previous studies the core subjects are more based on anatomy,radiation physics and protection, specialized imaging and research . I have been working in the radiology department for three years and had vast experience dealing with radiation.

I hope this supporting statement has a strong connection to my course.

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Nov 26, 2019   #2
Hi there. Thanks for coming to the forum! I hope that my feedback gives you insight on how to improve this writing of yours.

First and foremost, while I think that there isn't anything that's glaringly wrong about your writing, you can still improve the initial parts of the essay if you focus a lot more on building the technical angle of your writing. What this pertains to would be to focus a lot more on giving out the technical information that's necessary for the evaluators to establish the reason why you have chosen this particular program. For instance, what I have noticed is that you focused a lot more on your experiences in the first paragraph; while this is a necessary part in writing, it certainly doesn't do a lot in establishing the emotional and passion-based angle of your application.

Try to also merge together the second and third paragraph. Your current fourth paragraph needs to be expounded a lot more because you were unable to fully relay the reasons as to why you have chosen this particular field. In the fifth paragraph, merely mentioning that you browsed their website is insufficient. Be more specific with what made you truly invested and interested in this program. If you are able to do this, you can go a long way.
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Nov 27, 2019   #3
Thank you very much for your insight it really help . I will take note on your feedback to improve my writing.