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(Medicine, pharmacy) : career goal; how the school can assist me to achieve that goal

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Jul 10, 2011   #1
I'm trying to write 600 words essay with these information: my career goal, why college education is important, how I will benefit my community with that goal, and how my school can help. I would be delightful and so much appreciated if anyone read and correct my errors for me :) Thank you soooooooooo much everyone!

Note: the school is a Community College

I remember that day when the bright, dazzling light penetrated through my deep dream to wake me up. Everything was white and pure. I realized I was lying on the hospital bed with my mom holding my hands. "What happened, mom?" I asked. "Darling," it was my mom's voice that made me feel much soothing and safe, "you messed up in your chemistry class, burned yourself with chemicals and then fainted when you hit your head at the table." It was my first chemistry lab; I could recall being overexcited and, literally, being overwhelmed by a vial of acid from the reaction of sodium and water. Looking at my thigh, there was bright red mark where the acid fell onto. To everyone's surprise, even mine, I laughed and said, "Mom, that was so cool!" At that moment, I knew my life would not be completed without science. It took me several years later to decide that I want to become a pharmacist. As inquisitive as I have always been, I want to fully understand the affects and dangers of chemicals on human body, hence be able to bring the most effective and safest medications to all the people in need.

Medicine is a two-bladed knife: it saves people, but it can also harm. Pharmacists, for that reason, play a key role in improving patients' conditions. Drug therapy sometimes causes allergic reactions or aversions; a good pharmacist must be the one to foresee any possible drug interactions and give useful advice to avoid negative, sometimes fatal, prescription errors. As a pharmacist, I am responsible to determine and ensure the effectiveness as well as side effects of medicine on each particular patient. By collaborating with other health care professionals, I am able to maximize the health benefits and minimize the illnesses. Human body is among the most complex and sophisticated structures in the world; therefore, healthcare science requires a wide range of intellect in science such as chemistry or biology. College education provides me with invaluable knowledge that I need in order to be a pharmacist, such as chemistry and biology, also critical and analytical thinking skills to apply such knowledge to reality. Furthermore, for people to leave their health in my hands, first, I need to gain their trust. Getting a college education not only equips me with advanced, specialized knowledge in pharmacy field but also evinces my qualifications for the job. With a college degree, people feel safe enough to put trust in me and give me the responsibility to take care of their health.

Pharmacist is a highly challenging profession which requires a long period of learning, even a life time. Moreover, pharmacy school is extremely competitive to get in; therefore, I need to prepare myself as well as possible. <School name deleted> community college prepares me with essential rudiments needed for my long term studying. As everything else, the first move always makes impact. <School name deleted> helps to shape and influence my way of thinking to fit college level of education. I also get the chance to enrich my knowledge in science, social studies, as well as social communication. The invaluable experience and knowledge I get from studying at <School name deleted> will travel with me through graduate schools and even throughout my life to help me achieving my goals.

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