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"Mexicans are not intelligent & lazy"; Hispanic Heritage- long-term/short-term goals.

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Dec 8, 2013   #1
Tell us about your academic/career short-term and long-term goals.
How has your Hispanic heritage influenced these goals? *
400-600 words.
I currently have 285 words and I need help expanding the essay. I fear that I am not answering it correctly.

Throughout school I have heard multiple stereotypes about Mexicans. Phrases like " Mexicans are not intelligent" and "All of them are lazy". As time goes by Mexicans are becoming the majority minority and are beginning to prove society's assumptions incorrect. Society has seemed to ignore the Mexican scholars whom have made quite an impact in America.

For example, Mario J. Molina was awarded a Nobel prize in chemistry for his role in discovering the effects of man-made gases in the ozone layer. If he was able to make such a discovery I am sure he was neither lazy or inane. He is not the only Mexican scientist who has made a revelation in the science fields but he is the first Mexican-born citizen to receive a Nobel prize. His accomplishments have inspired many students interested in science majors including me.

As time has gone by I have compiled a list of long term and short term goals. My main goal on that list is to become a chemist. Mario Molina played a role in that goal. He was able to prove the stereotypes wrong by doing something he loved and I would like to do the same. He was not the only reason for my goal of becoming a chemist. During my sophomore and junior years I took an Pre-AP and AP chemistry class. After experiencing each class my interest in chemistry has grown and I have been eager to further my education in it. Not only do I wish to prove the stereotypes wrong but another goal of mine is to make an impact as well. I want to inspire others and I would also like to forever alter society's false beliefs about Hispanics.

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