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Mid-level management position - CHEVENING LEADERSHIP

Paterne225 1 / -  
Nov 6, 2018   #1

my internal audit function

To be honest, since my childhood I have a shy and introvert attitude. Despite the fact that i love to be with others people, I was afraid to be in front of the crowd. As example, i got a great fear to do publicly exposed activities or tasks. However reading about some success stories, I knew that I have to overcome this fear to expose my idea and to be able to gain influence over my target.

Starting for this point, I took the decision to handle this issue, and as a way for deal with it, i rejoined a military academy for my high school classes. And there, they taught us that self-confidence not egocentrism is the key to unlock any social skills. Thus, already at the age of 10, I started to be involved in uncomfortable physical and psychological exercises which were pushing me beyond my limits again and again until I succeed. Then I started developing self-esteem not because of my ego, but base on my experiences teaching me that with repeated training and consistent efforts i can do almost anything. I thus become conscious of my strengths and my area of improvement. Thus, better aware of my strengths and area of improvement, my self-esteem started to growth overshadowing my shy attitude.

With more self-confidence, I acquired quicker than before the other military soft skills as discipline, team spirit, and integrity and team management. I will remember always one quote from this adventure: " In a team 1+1=1", that is means:

-whatever the difference you may have in a group your voice have to sound as only one
-every body is accountable for the failure of somebody and we are all responsible of the growth of the others members
- the success is collective
Worth from these 7 years military experience, I started in university to take leadership position. As example, I took the lead of our students association and we succeed to re-impulse and social dynamic by the reopening of annual social gala with our alumni.

In my professional, I have been recognized for my good team spirit and mentoring skills. Thus, as when I worked in the bank, I was the main people in charge of the trainee and I get good record track for this activity, 6/7 of my coachees have been retained by the company after their internship.

Currently, i am the youngest mid-level manager in our group. I take advantage of this position and of my internal audit function, to give the company better orientation for its activities. As example, I initiate aperiodic committee in order to handle some critical fuel supply issues we faced. Since this committee have been implemented, the management found collectively the way to improve our fuel supply chain process and we do not face anymore any fuel shortage.
mzseffy 1 / 3  
Nov 6, 2018   #2
Carefully grammar proof your essay. I may have to change your entire composition if I tried, so I'd advise you to recompose.
There is no need to use bulletins to state your points. Though the second paragraph seems relevant to how you have improved your leadership skills, try to summarise it and emphasize more on specific scenarios in which you had to use your leadership skills in paragraph four and five, and how that influenced the outcome positively.
zshooooo 3 / 5 1  
Nov 6, 2018   #3
Hi @Paterne225
Firstly, I think you should keep the essay in paragraph format. meaning that you can rearrange the bullet point and made it into paragraph.
Secondly, I am unsure about the top paragraph where you mentioned your struggle on your introvert personality. Try to focus more on your leadership or organizational experience. I am sure that the jury will be more interested on the detail of your professional leadership skills. Try to explain more about your experience in detailsm such as your struggle you were faced and how you solved the problem. If you think that how you overcome your introvert skills is still worth mentioned, you can summarize it so that your experience in professional career is the focus.

Good luck!
Holt [Contributor] - / 7,660 1998  
Nov 7, 2018   #4
Ayouazi, the essay you wrote goes too far back into your childhood to make a difference. In fact, that whole essay is nothing but a throw away draft. It does not depict you in a leadership and influencing position at all. That is because the focus of your discussion is incorrect. Forget everything that you wrote at the start of this essay, try to develop the presentation starting with your mid-level management position in your position instead. Try to think of a time when, during an auditing session, you discovered a problem that needed to be addressed. How did you address this problem and what sort of influencing skills did you have to use? Depict how you resolved the situation in a manner that clearly displays your leadership traits and influencing abilities. As an auditor, I am sure that you have had several of these experiences that you can use in this essay presentation.

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