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My mission will be to create and lead dream teams in the public sector of Egypt

Kareeeim 1 / -  
Nov 6, 2017   #1

Career plan question

Since I have been working in the Oil & Gas industry for 12 years, I'm quite aware of Egypt's potential in the region, especially, after the new discoveries and the ongoing investments from British Petroleum (BP) & Italian ENI who both announced that over the next 5 years they will invest in Egypt more than in other parts of the world. BP alone is investing US$ 13 billion before 2020. However, Egypt suffers from a shortage of truly skilled & trained managerial staff in the public sector to develop these new strategies & projects. Thus, I wish to play a key role to develop & push forward the Oil & Gas industry in Egypt after studying my MBA in Oil & Gas Management.

Undoubtedly, This Master will allow me to acquire extensive knowledge of the English model, which I already admire, having been introduced to its processes, tools & techniques as well as the best models & methodologies in management. It will, furthermore, enable me to transfer these skills to my country.

This Masters degree will also help me realize my leadership potential and fast-track my career progression to pursue a management career in a major upstream Oil & Gas British Company in Egypt. It should also help me gain practical experience of what I learned, and how to apply it in an efficient way.

I intend to join a midstream or downstream company to expand my expertise & knowledge in the industry in different areas in order to see the industry from different points of view, and to get a complete overview of the whole industry and its lifecycle and how the business works in different fields such as refining, distribution, logistics, trading... etc.

In fact, I am doing all that with a view to returning to the public sector. My purpose is to formalize my managerial experience in the industry by seeking a managerial role in the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Wealth. Studying for this degree will allow me to transfer what I learned & practiced and bring it back to my colleagues and the public sector. By introducing the English model and transferring it to the industry by developing & implementing new business strategies, policies and legalities - to improve and train the staff managerial - I believe I shall develop the vision to restructure the organization.

In conclusion, my mission will be to create and lead dream teams in the public sector, where everyone is playing to their strengths effectively.

pungihw 1 / 2  
Nov 6, 2017   #2
I think your essay is good. However, some people says we do not need such a detailed statistics. These statements would be better included in why you choose the courses in the UK (on Studying in the UK questions). Your first three paragraphs should be the reasons why you choose the courses. Try to mention some immediate actions upon completing your master degree more detail.

I am sorry if there is something unnecessary. This is only my opinon and overall I like your essay :D
Holt - / 7,528 2001  
Nov 6, 2017   #3
Karim, this is not a career plan essay. You wrote a statement of purpose. This essay cannot be submitted to the Chevening committee because it will cause the rejection of your application. Don't wish to play a key role, tell us where and how you will play a key role. There is a big difference between "wishing" and "doing". You need to do instead of wish. You also need to find a better representative of the UK interests in your country supported by the UK government because British Petroleum is not UK government owned. That is a privately owned company so it does not qualify as a UK government sponsored interest in your country. I am sure that the UK government has a specific interest in the oil industry of your country, you just have to do some research in order to find out what it is and how it can relate to your masters studies. Do yourself a favor and read the other career plan essay examples in this forum. You will find a number of examples that can enlighten you as to how to write this specific essay.

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