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Morocco and engineering - HUNGARICUM SCHOLARSHIP

UKdoesntexist 1 / 1  
Jan 12, 2022   #1

Morocco and engineering

Dear Administrative Committee,
My name is (XXX), I'm years old, I'm a student in (XXX), and I live in the small city of (XXX), and I'm currently studying at my final graduation year in mathematical sciences which is considered to be the hardest program in the secondary education, due to its math and physics complexity, and pursuing it a comes after the filtering of the candidates by their grades.

Since my childhood I always dreamed of working in the engineering department in an automotive company because I was fascinated with vehicles and machinery in general, so I have chosen mechanical engineering as my bachelor degree program, and what encouraged me the most is the scientific value it delivers and the career opportunities it opens.

The numerous awards that have been won by Hungarians in different fields such as Gábor Dénes and Oláh András György, and the scientific research the Hungarian universities have been famous for proves that Hungary has an excellent education system. The awarded degrees by hungarian universities are equivalent and transferable throughout the EU and many other countries. As well as the fact that major companies in the world opened their branches in Hungary after the fall of the communist regime, especially companies that worked in the automotive sector, which would make it easy to find an internship.

The bachelor program will provide a foundation of knowledge in mechanical engineering and a practical experience in this field which will help me achieve my goals which are continuing my master and doctoral studies in the same field in the short term, as well as creating a startup that will help to make Moroccan economy more industrialised and less depended on agriculture which employs about 40% of the workforce.

Morocco lacks companies that worked in the machinery field and still depends on foreign investors in that department, as well as it imports heavy machines which are essential for any factory to start producing, and it has a huge unemployment rate within the youth at about 30 , by my startup I'm planning to fill the lack of equipments and reduce the unemployment rate as well as innovate in this particular department and Moroccan society and economy to industrialisation and less dependent on agriculture in the long term.

Since my high school studies I was passionate about physics I had one of the grades in class and I was able to understand lessons with relative ease, and this subject is considered fundamental in the mechanical engineering program, as well as mathematics which I wasn't as good on last year but I have substantially improved my grades as well as in physics but not by that great of a margin, and the improvement was due to the hard work considering its my final year in the most difficult field and which leads into Moroccan engineering schools.

In addition to academic knowledge, this program will give me the opportunity to meet different people from all over the world and learn about their cultures and values.

The most important challenges that I will face, I think is the language, but considering the fact that I'm interested in learning new languages and I see myself able to learn languages quickly as well as I will be able to practice it daily in my communication with Hungarians even if beginning is going to be difficult. One of the other challenges that I think I will face is getting out of my comfort zone considering that I have never studied outside of my home city, but on the other hand I'm intrigued to discover and learn about new cultures especially a culture so rich as the Hungarian culture.

Considering my study results so far and my desire to enrich my own and others knowledge in mechanical engineering, I believe my work will be a valuable addition to your programme. I am confident that I am capable of meeting and even exceeding your expectations!

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to a favourable reply.
XXXX xxxx
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,308 3991  
Jan 13, 2022   #2
Since my childhood I always dreamed of working in the engineering department in an automotive company

Try to use a more impressive tone in this instance. Rather than referring to a fascination related to automative machinery, try to represent a forward thinking ambition instead. Something that will tell the reviewer that you have a solid career path in mind that you will pursue while a student at the university. Think along the lines of electric cars, the work Elon Musk is doing, what you see as the potential for improvements in the emerging automitive fields, and how you plan to address these through your education and skills training as an undergraduate. Set out to impress.

The numerous awards that have been won by Hungarians in different fields

Stick to the automotive accomplishments. Consider if you will, why Suzuki, a Japanese car brand, would have their Vitara SUV, the prized model of the company, manufactured in Magyar, Hungary, aside from their manufacturing plant in Japan. Show a keen interest in automotive mechanics in relation to Hungarian accomplishments in the field.
OP UKdoesntexist 1 / 1  
Jan 13, 2022   #3
thanks for your advice,
but about describing the solid career path isn't that the case in the fourth and fifth paragraph?
and for the automotive accomplishments, I was planning on writing the university's accomplishments and notable alumnis in the in the university's motivational letter, is that a right plan?
sdiri19 - / 2  
Jan 14, 2022   #4
@UKdoesntexist (don't copy-paste)

Hello bro i prefer in this paragraph that you don't mention any name of any scientific researcher and consantrate about talking how the university have high qualty education and don't take too much because you have a lot to talk about .

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