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Motivation Letter for Erasmus Mundus Master in Economics of Globalisation and European Integration

MorikeHamid 1 / 1  
Jan 9, 2022   #1


I am applying for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, so i need help with my draft. Thank you in advance


Identify yourself. Think about why you are pursuing Erasmus Mundus;
Explain why the EGEI programme is the right one for you (ex. demonstrate the fit between your background and the programme);
State what qualities can you bring to the programme;
Highlight your strong points, your previous experience in education,
interpersonal skills (but don't repeat your CV);

Don't be lengthy. Generally one page is sufficient;
Don't use complex and/or vague language constructions or flowery phrases

Dear admission committee,
I am writing to express my interest in the Erasmus joint master in Economics of Globalisation and European Integration. Since my high school days, I have developed strong interest for the global economic issues regarding international trade, international economics and development as I support the opinion that export trade is the key for a stronger international development.

While participating in this program, I aim to be a leader who's highly concerned about national, regional, and international issues, especially those regarding economic cooperation between the EU member states and Mali. Here lies the motivation behind my interest for this program, which gives me the opportunity to study the experience of European countries development and particularly the very successful adventure of European integration. Over the decades, the collaboration between the EU and Mali has been covering aspects such as political dialogue, security and trade. The European Union launched several programs under the European Development Fund (EDF) to support Mali during its crisis which burst in 2012 and the focal sectors of the fund are Peace Consolidation and State Reform, Food Security and Rural Development, Education and Infrastructure.

During my studies at the faculty of business management at Bangalore university, I gained significant communication and leadership skills through different seminars I attended. For instance, I am actually pursuing an online certification in leadership and team effectiveness at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Studying in India gave me the opportunity to witness the impact of globalisation on an emerging economy like the Indian economy which was in a major crisis in 1991. With the demonetization of the Indian Rupee in 2016, I realized how a rise in protectionism can threaten gains from globalisation. With an economy heavily reliant on international trade, India emerged to be one of the world's largest economies. When I got to realize all the challenges faced by the African countries in international trade making them lag behind other continents and regions, I wanted to become an international trade specialist and study the successful economic integration of western Europe. Thus, I'm sure that this program will give me that unique opportunity to become a real international trade specialist.

No one can seriously question the success of European integration, whether in economic or political terms. Being much more than a trading arrangement, the European integration has gone from a limited form of industrial cooperation to an economic and monetary union with no parallel elsewhere. Such experience makes Europe attractive for conducting research on topics of global and economic interactions, global economic issues and economic integration. Therefore, my greatest desire is to study how the European Union achieved its successful regional integration and contributes to the process of International Development. Hence, the incredible experience of EU in launching a single European currency and establishing a single market can be an inspirational adventure for the Ecowas (Economic Community of West African States) members.

Finally, the design of the EGEI program is very well suited for my long-term career aspirations, giving me the opportunity to gain skills needed for understanding the complex dynamics of international economy, learn and get the best possible exposure of international culture.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Jan 9, 2022   #2
Since my high school days,

Being a masters degree applicant, the expectation is that all of your interests in the course as based upon work experience references. These include a heightened interes in advanced studies based on exposure on the job, your desire to solve a problem within the field in your nation, and a specific lack of skills due to limitations of your undergraduate degree. Remove the high school reference in totality. Open with the second paragraph instead. That contains a better and shorter reference to your professional interests and motivation. Edit the second paragraph to become the opening statement.

While receiving training is something to take note of, the lack of educational discussion in relation to your current career interests and future goals (as it applies to the program) are sorely lacking. The motivational letter does not contain any informational references, only your observations of the global economy. An observation can only be acceptable once tied in with the other educational and professional motivations of note. None of which you provide.

You do not provide any actual skills that you can bring to the program. Your interpersonal skills are not discussed. The essay is nothing more than an observational piece. It is not a letter of motivation. You have not convinced me / the reviewer that you will be a proper fit for the program you have chosen to study. In your desire to avoid repeating your CV information, you ended up with a useless motivational letter instead. Surely there are other aspects of this prompt that you can respond to with additional information.
OP MorikeHamid 1 / 1  
Jan 10, 2022   #3
Thank you so much for your help, i'll definitely take into consideration all of your observations.

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