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Motivation Letter for master in materials science

mustyvocabs2020 1 / 4  
Jan 28, 2020   #1

Erasmus Mundus scholarship program

My decision to apply for the master program in materials science and large scale facilities (MaMaSELF) under the Erasmus Mundus program is born out of my long term concern and interest in the field and the desire to contribute towards developing new advanced and innovative materials in order to address the pressing future needs and challenges of the 21st century and be part of this exciting new trend in technology.

I studied chemistry (petroleum and petrochemicals concentration) and graduated with a CGPA of 4.37 on the scale of 5 and emerged as the third best graduating student from chemistry department. The foundational basis for settling for the course of study started during my bachelor degree programme when I took courses in materials science, nanotechnology, electrochemistry, applied spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry and natural products chemistry. I not only passed these courses with good grades but had acquired and internalized knowledge in the area. I also posses a strong passion for academic research and scholarly work.

My choice of the MaMaSELF program was due to an assurance of a high quality education the program partner Universities provides and their reputation and academic excellence globally. The program partner Universities have state of the art facilities and learning centre and expert lecturers that prepare students to solve scientific and technological problems concerning materials and their application.

My academic research interest is in the new materials for energy storage and conversion. I wish to conduct research in this area because in the contemporary world, materials hold the key to many advanced energy technologies including solar cells, batteries, fuels, and catalysis. With the increasing need for cost-efficient methods for energy storage and conversion, it has become essential to accelerate the rate at which energy-related materials are developed. Hence why, I would like to focus my research on the use of fast, scalable computational methods to identify and design new materials for energy and conversion

If opportune to receive the scholarship, personally I hope acquire hands-on experience and industry related skills by taking advantage of the Mamaself Industry collaboration with private sectors and be prepared for work in industry, academia or research and development, to acquire the knowledge and skills on the application of the large scale facilities for the characterization and development of new materials, to acquire the needed scientific and engineering expertise that will equip me to help Nigeria Africa transform it's vast natural resources into engineered materials and respond to the related recycling and environmental challenges and develop an exceptional network of professional throughout the world.

Also, I am physically, mentally and emotionally capable of executing the programme. If given the opportunity, I undertake to discharge the programme diligently and to the best of my ability.

ionacampbell 1 / 1 2  
Jan 29, 2020   #2
This is on the right track, but I definitely think some more proof-reading is necessary plus avoiding long lists will help keep the reader focused. I have changed some areas where I think the writing is a little clumsy or contain a mistake and highlighted it so they are easy to find. I think your focus on what you want to research is very good! Maybe also include a sentence about where you did your undergraduate study for context? Hope this helps!

My decision to apply for the masters program in "Materials Science and Large Scale Facilities"(MaMaSELF) under the Erasmus Mundus scheme originated in my long term concern for and interest in the field. It is my desire to ...

I studied chemistry,specifically "Petroleum and Petrochemicals Concentration" and graduated ... scale of 5, emerging as the third ...
... settling for this course of study ... chemistry.* I not only ... with exceptionally grades, but had acquired an internalized ... I also possess a strong ...

... was due to the assurance of high quality ... universities provide plus their ... The program's partner universities are equipped with state of the art ... centre.In addition, expert lecturers prepare students to ... and their applications.

... interest is in new materials for ...
... in this areaas, in the contemporary ...
With the increasing necessity for cost-efficient methods of energy ... Hence,I would like to ...

This scholarship will enable me to acquire hands-on ... within the private sectors ... development. The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship will also allow me to acquire ... new materials and gain the needed ... equip me in helping Nigeria, ...

... of executing the programme**. If given ...

* consider revising: e.g "materials science, nanotechnology and electrochemistry to name a few" would be more succinct
**Choose one spelling of programme and stick to it (one is British English and one is American English)
Holt [Contributor] - / 7,892 2170  
Jan 29, 2020   #3
The essay is too wordy. It needs to be more direct to the point. Focus only on the motivational aspects of the presentation and leave everything else to the statement of purpose. For this essay, the following paragraphs can be used to created a more pointed letter: 1 and 4. Try to write an additional paragraph that explains your choice of school based on specific academic goals and considerations that you had while choosing a university. That part of the motivational discussion is too blurred in your presentation. It doesn't focus on a specific university, course, curriculum, or post study plans in relation to your educational choices that can help the reviewer understand your more solid motivation for higher studies. Remember, this is the cover letter, keep it short. It's a summary, not an in-depth presentation.
OP mustyvocabs2020 1 / 4  
Jan 29, 2020   #4
Thank you so much, I appreciate your contribution

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