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Motivation letter for MERIT programme( Erasmus Mundus scholarship)

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Dec 14, 2012   #1
Please review the motivation letter that I have prepared to submit for MERIT programme. As I am applying for Erasmus Scholarship, it is quite important to have it upto the mark.

The instruction: Motivation letter should include the application reasons to choose MERIT and how they relate to career goal. No word/character limit is specified.

Merit Program Erasums Scholarship Motivation Letter

Everyone is driven by motivation. My ambition to be an integral part of the pioneers of modern technologies enticed me to choose engineering as my career. Modern civilization is all about information and its propagation; now a war is half won in the general's table where the logistics is information, a calamity is fought with foreknowledge of its arrival; having the right amount of information with the technology to utilize it gives the utmost edge for a society. So, the drive of being at the heart of development made me to choose career in communication

I have completed my graduation on Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi, Bangladesh on July 2011. It was my desire to learn, and passion for modern communication techniques that elevated me over other 27 very fine students of our department to achieve the 1st position with a CGPA of 3.90 in a 4.00 scale. Fortunately, the 4 year long course (8 semesters) comprised of the very subjects that a young aspirant of communication wants to study. After creating a firm base on mathematics and electronics, we got introduced to the very basics of modern communication; Signals and Systems and Analog communication techniques. Then gradually we were introduced to Digital Signal processing, Information theory, Digital communication Techniques to have more in depth knowledge of information processing. Besides, on a different note, we were introduced to Electromagnetic fields, Microwave communication, Antennas, Satellites and Radars in separate courses to have understandings over physical propagation phenomena. And as a well oriented course should be: we were introduced to practical applications of these systems as well; in last two semesters where we had studied Basic telecommunication systems, GSM system, CDMA systems, photonics, Fiber optic communication each on separate courses. While studying, I grew penchant over wireless communication techniques and performed Undergraduate thesis on "UMTS Radio network planning" where I investigated the challenges of establishing a Greenfield operator under the Supervision of Mr. Munjure Mowla that was appreciated by the committee during defense.

After completion of graduation, I joined Robi Axiata Limited; the 2nd largest GSM operator of Bangladesh as a core network planning engineer. Here I got the opportunity to have practical experience on a real network. Also, being a core planning engineer enabled me to have experience on SS7 signaling; the very heart of 2nd generation telecommunication systems.

But the desire for excellence; that has driven me throughout my life has led to understand the needs of having advanced knowledge on the subject I have craved for. I want to touch the zenith of communication, to be known amongst the finest, dream to be among the pioneers of the next generation communication techniques. But Bangladesh is still a developing country, and the facility/feasibility of higher education is not on the same level with the rest of the world. So, to achieve excellence, I want to study where most of the modern communication technology has evolved, where the conglomeration of very best researchers perform novel research to enrich our lives through communication; the Europe. Also, I believe different environment engenders different perspective on a person, broadens his/her thought horizons which is one of the most vital aspect about researching something; one has to think from very different perceptions to make a complete and robust system that can withstand all known adversities. While searching for a suitable MS program that would bolster my dream, support my desire and provide me the necessary diversities, MERIT seem to be the very best I can apply for.

To be proficient on a specific topic, one has to have some basic knowledge on the other ones which is shrewdly oriented on MERIT program. It offers fundamentals on communication techniques on a broad sense which enables to have a wide range of choice, providing flexibility in the career path. The program is aimed to create strong base on theories with a Research semester that enables aspirants to extend their career onto the next level; one can simply go for R&D in companies, extend academic studies towards PHD or even join as solution engineer; hence every aspect of the telecommunication career is encouraged by MERIT. Also, studying in two different universities in two different countries would allow aspirants to have the diversity I mentioned early which I think is very much required to be a successful researcher.

Moreover, the courses of the program is continuity of what I have initiated in my undergraduate studies, it would enable me to have a harmonious career, focused to the destination that I had set myself to achieve when I began to pursue communication in the first place. Seemingly, the ultimate objective of both MERIT and my career plan are very much congruent. So, I would like to have the opportunity to pave the way to reach my dream, "To enrich human civilization through communication."

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