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MSc of Entrepreneurship - Stuned Scholarship Essay.

vania 7 / 12 2  
Feb 20, 2019   #1
Hi, I'm writing an essay for Stuned Scholarship.
I acknowledge that the essay exceeds the words limit (500 words).

Nevertheless, I hope to gain some insights or inputs to make the essay more effective and strong enough to be granted the scholarship.

Thank you in advance!

the importance of sustainability management

Please address the following points:
·The reason why you apply for the chosen program
·What do you intend to do with your Master degree?
·And, in general, what makes you the best candidate for this scholarship
Maximum 500 words

I choose to read MSc of Entrepreneurship that will amalgamating my working experiences, my previous study and my career as an entrepreneur. Having an initial experience of running businesses which was not successfully managed taught me the importance of sustainability management through sound financing, marketing including creating innovation and constructing a business. The increasingly new market challenges plus the lack of knowledge and skills of such are the key subject areas since these are the most challenging factors I've experienced. Furthermore, though I have developed more profound skills in both accounting with taxation and financial management in a multinational scale throughout my careers learning from working from others, I acknowledge that those individual experiences or knowledge need to be enhanced in an entrepreneurial context.

Currently I am running a start up in arts and design promoting the popularity of Tenun from Sumatra. Upon completing the master degree, I will continue develop and expanding the business using the knowledge, skills, and networks that I gained from the purposed study. I hope to implement the knowledge in creating a business that can also stimulate economic development in some rural area in Indonesia, especially in my localties, through the business. I found that many local artists have difficulties to make a decent living from their artworks, which saddened me deeply. I want to make a change and re-invent the products to meet the market demands using my extensive network to make this possible.

Furthermore, I also plan to inspire and help the local artisans to be entrepreneurs themselves and to market their products. I want create a local business incubator for local entrepreneurs and improve creative economy in Sumatra through mentorship and community. In Indonesia, micro, small and medium-sized companies are the backbone of the Indonesian economy. Although the numbers of SMEs are high, they are finding it very difficult to sustain let alone expand their business. Data shows that the numbers of SMEs have nationally decreased by 2.5% annually in the past 5 years, the players of creative economy in Indonesia have difficulties to market their products locally and globally as well as managing their business, and finally, the number of startups and SME in Sumatra is significantly fewer than in Java region and it decreased annually. Sources from Ministry of SMEs and Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy indicated that this conditions was a result of a low entrepreneurial education and skills such as in finance, management and marketing including innovation to run a sustainable business towards SMEs. These aspects have long been in my consideration as I have had first hand experience and I comprehend fully the importance of these factors. In lieu with the policies set by the government, my set skills will be highly sought after upon my graduation and I can positively contribute to my country.

I am convinced that I am the best candidate for this scholarship because I believe this scholarship is aimed at someone who excels both academically and professionally capable to contribute to Indonesian economic development. With my academic achievements and my professional achievements and my involvement in organisations I believe I meet these criterias. I hope to be given the opportunity to learn about Enetrepreneurship in University of Amsterdam so that I can contribute more to improvement of Indonesia's development and Indonesia-Netherlands relationship in the future.

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Feb 21, 2019   #2
Vania, paragraph 3 needs to be cut down. It is the "researched information" part of your presentation that does not really tie in with any of the required information listed in the discussion list. You can keep the following part of the paragraph, but you have to remove the rest:

Furthermore, I also plan to inspire ...are the backbone of the Indonesian economy. These aspects have long been in my consideration ...sought after upon my graduation and I can positively contribute to my country.

By eliminating the research data, you bring the focus back to your plans and responses to the provided questions. You don't need to educate the reviewer about specifics. Just stick to aspects that represent how you qualify as a scholarship candidate. That is done by keeping the essay short, focused, and informative.

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