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Scholarship for MSc Finance and Investment programme

lois0117 1 / -  
Jun 20, 2012   #1
I intend to apply for a scholarship for my MSc in finance and investment.

The requirements are to state why you choose this programme and to state your future career ambition.

Here are the draft of essay. I have to submit it by Friday this week, so it is kinda urgent (they just notified me to apply this scholarship less than one week ago!!!)

Please help to revise my essay! I really appreciate your help very very much!!!

The Choice
My desire to attend MSc Finance and Investment programme originally stems from my interest and passion of finance. I got in touch with finance when my parents started to invest in securities. Later, I read a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad, in which stated how managing cash flow and making investment could change a person's financial status. Although at that time I had no knowledge of finance and even could not understand the underlying principles, I was still attracted by the magic of finance. In high school, I had a glimpse into economics. The lessons were simple and elementary, but it aroused my will to study economics or finance in university.

Bill Gates once put "Our only competition for IQ is the top investment banks". These words reflect the high expertise of finance industry. Working with financial elites can help me to grow faster and stronger, and at the same time fulfil myself intellectually and professionally. This is another reason why I concentrate on finance.

Of course, it is undeniable that the abundant return is one primary objective of people within this industry. Honestly, I like money and I enjoy the process of making money. So why not choose a field that can both inspire my enthusiasm and improve my life standard?

All the factors above motivated me to choose economics and finance as the major of my undergraduate degree and determined me to devote myself to financial job. After graduation I realized that my undergraduate education was only a starting point of the long journey and that I need more critical skills to improvise when applying advanced financial knowledge. Hence, I decided to pursue a master degree.

It took time to choose between MSc Finance and Investment and MSc Risk Management. In order to be in line with the development of my future career, my selection turned out to be the former. Despite the reputation of the programme and the quality of education, what appeals to me is the course content. The programme incorporates analysis, investment and corporate finance modules with the use of research tools. These lessons and techniques can meet the requirements of my career.

The Future
From my point of view, it is difficult to maintain a long-term plan, as long-term plan is vulnerable to unpredictable incidents. Personally, I prefer to identify the direction for my future career and establish several short-term goals for it. There are two main career pathways that I would like to challenge: financial analysis and corporate finance.

In respect of being a financial analyst, I have set three short-term targets so far: to pass CFA Level I, to obtain a master degree and to secure a job in a financial institution after graduation. The first target is on-going at present, as I will sit for CFA Level I exam on December this year. CFA for me is not only a professional certificate but also a great challenge, which requires me to integrate substantial knowledge of different subjects. While CFA gives me a comprehensive insight to finance knowledge, a master degree can strengthen my analytical ability and enable me to use research tools. Both of accomplishments can assist me to enhance my competency and achieve my final short-term goal.

Corporate finance was not an option initially, and I never thought about a career in this area. It is the experience in my current company that changed my mind. I am now a finance assistant in charge of preparing financial statements of our parent company and two affiliated companies. Working with my finance manager, an ACCA holder, I have the opportunity to put my taught theories into practice. I also realize that how much corporate finance can affect the business. This experience propels me to pursue a career as corporate financier.

At last, I want to say that opportunity favours the prepared and the persistent. I have clear goals for my future and endeavour to succeed. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship.

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