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I am a natural born leader. Chevening Scholarship - Leadership & Influence Question

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Oct 26, 2016   #1
Hey guys! Im in the process of applying for a chevening scholarship. Would be grateful for any assistance given!

Leadership & Influence Question


I am a natural born leader who takes charge of situations, creates the right environment where others feel comfortable and is able to motivate persons in taking a particular course of action by assisting them positively in the decisions they make.

One's own experiences to a large degree informs the style and quality of leadership. I believe that the only person who can stop you from becoming a leader is yourself. For me, leadership begins with one's core social group, which includes family, friends and school mates who help you to develop and strengthen your skills and abilities.

Some characteristics of good leaders include, confidence, commitment, being inspiring and a good team player. From my early years at the primary level to present day, I have performed in several areas where these leadership skills have been displayed and developed. Some of these are highlighted below.

During my primary education, as part of my extracurricular activities, I joined the netball team and was chosen as vice-captain and subsequently became the captain. In these roles, I demonstrated the ability to execute the strategies chosen to enable success. Under my leadership, I scheduled additional practices resulting in my team mates sharing my enthusiasm for the sport, their confidence skyrocketed and overall the quality of their performances and by extension our team improved. The changes resulted in many wins for the team.

I later joined the University of the West Indies (UWI) Blackbirds netball group. Although I did not hold the position of captain, I still encouraged and gave moral support to members who felt insecure about their athletic abilities to continue attending practice sessions. Once again, my team mates gained confidence in themselves and their abilities which made my voluntary services very rewarding. Leadership is not always about the role but can be about making a difference. Great leaders make a difference and I clearly made a difference while I was a member of this group.

Additionally, while attending the UWI, I enrolled in the Rotaract Club where young adults share their ideas, deriving creative ways of tackling world challenges, with emphasis on community development. With continuous participation in meetings and activities, I was enrolled as a Rotarian and received a certificate of membership. As I carried out my studies, the club aided in my professional development and strengthened my leadership skills.

Where group interaction is needed; school or work, I am often chosen to be the team leader and spokesperson for presentations. I grant my effectiveness to my ability to execute under pressure, putting across my thoughts in a clear and organized manner despite time constraints.

My participation in these different entities has brought me to this point in my life where I would like to do, learn, and grow more as a leader. An opportunity to self-develop via Chevening would definitely be the largest stepping stone in my leadership career.

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