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Network building for life opportunities - Chevening Scholarship

ibad2308 1 / -  
Jul 29, 2020   #1

networking building - my experiences

In my life as a social-human, I learned from the past experiences that we need to maintain our networking to get new opportunities to support our life. Networking is not only making a huge relationship, more than that is what the impact on us in our life. The profit of networking is the most important essence in networking itself.

In the middle of 2018, come from the situation that my friends talked to me how to get TOEFL Certificate instantly. For student in the last year, it would be the specter to meet the condition of Yudisium. I talk to them to avoid that instant way and give an advice to learn by himself or join to the English Courses. But, in fact, it would be difficult way to them learn by himself or costly if join English Courses. In that situation, I have an Idea to make a club to learn TOEFL together, at least to get minimum score. In addition to increasing expertise in TOEFL, it also creates broader networking with new people. I build a club as known as English Fun Club (EFC), I share its club to all group in my personal WA. I just expect to all my friends in my university, but apparently many from other majors from different universities joined. To help me manage the club, I invite my friend from English Courses to be a Tutor as person who more expert in English. After first meeting, we continuously learning together 2 times a week until we meet the condition of Yudisium. But, the club not only give the result what we target for, furthermore I got the impact of our kinship. As example, in the middle of 2019, my friend Sapto recommend me to his colleague to re-design his house and make him satisfied with the result. Beginning from Sapto's friend, he recommend me to his friend to make up the Interior Design for his house.

Beside in real-life, I build a networking in Social Media which give me a lot of advantages. As example, I post actively in LinkedIn to share some new fresh-design in nowadays about house include interior design and articles of house improvement. I gained a lot of new friends who attract about Architectural feeds in their home of LinkedIn. From the design I posted, they give some feedback through comment column and an interesting discussion is created. Not only comment in column, some of them directly send me a message to discuss more about their project. From that, I got many project from them to design their house or interior.

Based on my experience, to build networking is not only make a new friends, more than that, treat the other with my best attitude, oriented to their satisfied will give me beneficially to my life now and future. For example, many projects that I got from building the networks. In line with my vision, being part of chevening will be very beneficial in building relationships with many people worldwide.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,132 3269  
Jul 30, 2020   #2
You have the right idea, but the wrong interpretation of what networking skills the Chevening Scholarship is looking for. You may use 2 networking references, by order of priority:

- Real time networking - developed through your profession based on seminars, meetings, and other training attended that have proven to be useful to you in your current career

- Social Networking - based on the extension of your real time networking. After building your real time network, how did you continue to use that influence to build on your social network? How did that happen? What benefits did you gain professionally from the digital network you built? Why do you think the reviewer should take note of your social network along with your real time network?

Properly explain how the 2 networks intersect in your career. Explain why you believe that maintaining 2 network avenues are important to your profession. More importantly, do not forget to discuss the importance of the Chevening network to your career, and how you hope to use and help promote the Chevening network in your country.
abclaudya 2 / 4 1  
Aug 3, 2020   #3
Hi Ibad, I noticed some minor mistakes in your essay. For example, "it would be a difficult way". Also, please be consistent in using grammar. It may look not so important but it also gives a big impact on your application.

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