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My networking capacity helped to reduce child marriages - essay for Chevening Scholarship

mushfiqur 1 / 1  
Nov 4, 2017   #1

Networking skill

While I worked as Assistant Commissioner (Land) in Singra upazila in Natore district I had the great opportunity to work with the mass people. As an administrator,I had to deal with many social issues. One of them was child marriage. Most of the guardians of teenager girl had a tendency to give their daughter marriage under 18 years of age. According to the existing Child Marriage Restrain Act,2017; it was a serious breach of that act. Many attempts earlier had been taken by my predecessors like conducting Mobile Court but it didn't work actually. In most of the cases parents of the daughters arranged marriage in some other places outside that upazila very secretly. I realized that to control this issue, innovative measure might be introduced instead of traditional actions. First I talked with the stakeholders like Kazis(who register the marriage), principles of all primary and secondary schools, Upazila women affairs officer separately. Also I had sitted with local representatives (i.e.Upazila Chairman, all Union Council Chairmen, all union council members etc.).I had a collaboration with the officials of a UNDP funded project named Access to Information(a2i project) as I worked with them in 2014. I also previously had a network with Governance Innovation Unit (GIU) which is a unit of Prime Minister's Office working on innovation in public service delivery and social related issues. I used my network and arranged a number of fruitful sitting with the stakeholders with the assistance of these two entities to make a social awareness among people about the adverse effect of child marriage. Arranging workshop , seminar and symposium on restraining child marriage and involving the stakeholders with these had a great impact. Later on, if any parent tried to conduct a child marriage the concerned kazi didn't register and gave that information to me . I then found the parents and convinced them not to give their child to marry rather continue her study instead. Besides, if any school girl was being tried to be married concerned principal of that school gave that information to me. I would take then proper steps to stop that. Even a hotline number was being introduced to give message or information regarding child marriage by any person of that upazila. Arranging seminar and workshop regularly needed a huge fund that was not possible for me to bear. But a2i and GIU assisted me financially and thus my networking capacity helped to reduce child marriage gradually.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,765 3095  
Nov 4, 2017   #2
Mushfiqur, while you did speak to a wide range of people in an effort to resolve these women's issues, the depiction that you have in this essay is more attuned to the leadership and influencing essay instead of the networking essay. You may want to reconsider the information you are presenting here because it is not really prompt relevant in presentation. For the networking essay, you should be discussing how you contacted other organizations who are on the same quest as you are. NGO's and other privately funded organizations usually help with these sorts of causes which is why I am wondering why your networking essay isn't more representative of such networks and their ability to help you towards the resolution of the situation in your country. Please give my suggestion some thought. Write a new essay instead of using this one. I already explained why.
Wael A Kadhim 2 / 2  
Nov 4, 2017   #3
as holt recommendations, your essay concerning with leadership not networking skills, the concept of networking skills is a process of developing informal contacts and building relationships that provide you with knowledge, advice, information, and further contacts. Informational interviewing is part of the networking process and is a way to strengthen your network. Both networking and informational interviewing include elements. Firstly, Contacting people you know and do not know in order to find information about an industry, organization, or job/internship. Secondly, Asking individuals whom you contact for further relevant contacts in order to build your network. Thirdly, Building relationships with people who can help the progress of your career exploration or internship/job search

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