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Networking is to connect with people - Chevening Essay in Networking Skills

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Oct 30, 2018   #1
Hi All, please kindly see my essay below and give me some feedbacks! :) Thank you in advance and good luck for us!

Chevening is looking for individuals with strong professional relationship building skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Please explain how you build and maintain relationships in a professional capacity, using clear examples of how you currently do this, and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future.

the key to stay in touch

Networking could not be all to business and formal interaction. During my university and professional career days, I realized that make connection with people around you is the key to stay in touch with them.

Back to my university days, I joined a youth development organization that offers exchange programs to university students. During my time in this organization, I was involved in two projects where I was an exchange student, and the exchange committee in the other project. On both projects I had a chance to meet and be friend with people from another country: Chinese, Dutch, Brazilian, Thai, India, Russia, Sri Lankans and many more. We build strong connection during the project due to the shared time and passion. We have been in touch ever since, mostly through our social media.

When I was working on my first company, a property developer company, I noticed that one of my colleague was acquainted with a man that worked for the company that I have been aimed since graduation. She introduced me with him quickly, and I was able to landed an interview the next week. Two weeks from the interview, I got the job.

I am also in a good relation with the alumnus of architecture major in my university. I used social media to be in touch with them. One day, the project that I was involved needed a quick help to draft some drawings for construction purpose. Me and my other colleague could not be done it due to the lack of software we had on our computers. I knew that this drafting job could easily be done by a fresh graduate. I quickly gave a shout on the social media to my junior who was a fresh graduate if she could help. She gladly offered the help and the issue was resolved in no time.

My good relation with the alumnus was also the reason I could join an organization that was focused on the improvement of public places in Jakarta. The organization was started by four of my senior in college. I was intrigued by the unique approach they made and contacted on of them to discuss more about the organization vision and project. I joined the organization afterwards, and I get to know more people with different backgrounds from it.

Networking abilities should not be all stiff and full with 'keep-it-personal' attitude. To actually connect with someone through shared experience or passion is very important and can resulting to a better and lasting relationship. I would like to be engaged, to discuss and share my passion in the new and privileged platform that is Chevening.
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Oct 31, 2018   #2
Vania, the networking requirement in his essay should be aimed at explaining how you have cultivated a professional network that has helped you within the workplace. The considerations forthis essay include how you developed the network, how the nettwork was used, the outcome of the networking practice, and how the network was extended to include a new party that will prove to be useful to you and Chevening in the future. If you are part of someone else's network and you came to the assistance of that person, include that in the essay as well. These will prove that you have a functioning network in real time raher than virtual time.

It is the real world development and use of your network that matters to the reviewer. Wihout it your networking skills will be viewed as minimal and of little use beyond the virtual world. While I acknowledge that networks can help you get a job, the essay is asking you for a representation of a network beyond that. You need to show a network where you have inluence that could be useful to the other members of the Chevening community. That is he weakest point of this essay and shoukd be improved upon.

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