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Networking, whether social or professional, is about building and maintaining relationships

intanrahayu11 2 / 3  
Oct 31, 2016   #1
Strong networking skills - Chevening Essay

Networking, whether social or professional, is about building and maintaining relationships. Throughout my academic and professional career I have experienced the importance of having the right connections. Maintaining network give me a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and communication skills. Good relationships have also helped me while I was finishing my final project. During my final semester in University, a good networking with lecturers and university research assistants led me to develop my research more easily. I received many suggestions, reference and helpful ideas from my lecturers to make a system with impressive result.

Networking skills also proved to be an important value in my professional career as an IT Analyst. I was responsible to lead and maintain several projects. For a project manager, it is vital to build good relations with the stakeholders who are identified as being most crucial in the project process and in using the final results of the project. We have to build a good connection since we have to work as a team. A good communication and networking skill is needed to encourage each person in our team to do their best. While maintaining the projects, I can also build a good connection with external vendors by working as a team and held some sharing knowledge sessions so that it could help us to stay up to date with recent technologies.

Good connections with many technology stakeholders, lecturers and academic practitioners would be very beneficial for my further research. I have planned to enhance my Language translation programs to become more robust and reliable system which is not only can translate Balinese spoken words into English, but also can translate words from the others traditional language in Indonesia into English. I have also contacted one of education organization in Jakarta that would use my translation system as one of their English lesson media.

Surrounded by various experience throughout academic and professional career has gave me opportunity to enhance my networking skills. I highly committed to engage with the Chevening community and influence others towards reaching our goals in making great our country's future.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,519 3442  
Oct 31, 2016   #2
Ni, you need to present a clear example of your networking skill and connect these networks with Chevening somehow. Explain how Chevening can help you build networks while you would be willing to help enhance the same network by sharing your own contacts. Reconsider the content of your essay for relevance to the prompt.

You are supposed to offer examples of your networking skills and how you developed the skill and retain those contacts. The essay is not supposed to deal with your theoretical ideas regarding networking. You are lecturing the reviewer regarding the importance of networking and going to the extent of explaining how networks need to be developed. That is the exact opposite of what the essay prompt is requiring you to do. Read the prompt again. You will see that you are nowhere near providing the personal networking experience that the answer requires. I am afraid that, whether you like it or not, you will have to write a totally new essay.

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