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NROTC WAIVER To join the Navy, Hand written statement

Dec 5, 2010   #1
Hi, Im not sure where to put this, but I think this is the best place for it.

To join the Navy, because I have a record, I need to submit a "handwritten statement" along with my waiver form. This is basically my side of the story and will be submitted along with the official affidavit. Keep in mind that I will have to hand write this for final submission.

Any help you can provide would m very very appreciated, Im not quite satisfied with the flowof this essay but it does say everything I need it to say. I have left a few things blank, to keep my anonymity.

Thanks in advanced for the help.


On the morning of November 18th three years ago, when I was fourteen years old, I walked from my house across the street to ________ High School, Opened an unlocked door and entered the building. Even though I had lived across the street from _______ High School since before it was built, I had never been inside because I attended school across town at __________ Community High School because a vocational magnet program. I walked around inside the school for about an hour and took a laser pen that was not mine, and then left.

I knew it was wrong, illegal and immoral, but I did it anyway. I do not recall what I was thinking at the time or if I even was thinking, but I now realize how wrong I was.

I've come along way since that day. After seeing the heartbreak in my mothers eye when she came to bail me out, the full weight of what I had just done started to set in I'll forever be know as a felon, many doors would close. Because I had had no prior incidents and none since, my case was diverted to youth court where I sentenced to six months of therapy, eighty community service hours and I had to take a class on crime. I completed all of these and my case was dropped, sealed and expunged.

I learned a lot about my self from this experience, although if I could I would never have gone though it. I feel I have a greater respect now for the Law, law enforcement and government in general.

Since a young age, I've wanted to serve my country, I just didn't know how. MY family has a long history of military service including my Grandfather __________ who served in the Korean war, and my brother __________ who is currently serving in Afghanistan as part of the Florida Army National Guard. Through my life experiences in school, the Boy Scouts, the Sea Scouts, and in talking to my family and friends I've decided the United States Navy is how I would like to serve my country. I am writing this statement because I understand the Navy has High Standards and doesn't let just anybody join, but in rare cases make exceptions for those who truly deserve it. I really and truly hope that my past mistakes will not interfere with this dream of mine.

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