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[NTU Scholarship Essay] Values And Beliefs You Hold Strongly To - 'to start to be great'

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Jan 17, 2021   #1

Describe, In Less Than 300 Words, The Values And Beliefs You Hold Strongly To.

Please Provide Examples Of How You Have Demonstrated These In Your Actions.

I believe that in life, you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

As a child, I was pigeonholed as 'talented' by parents and teachers alike. This inculcated in me a toxic perfectionist; anything I set out to do that fell short of my own inflated expectations were disparaged by myself and discarded. This toxic perfectionism was tightening its claws around my earlier school days.

My redemption arc began at the start of my IB Diploma journey. Whilst in a mathematics tutorial, I was struggling with a question and my worksheet was blank. My ever so patient teacher saw the perplexity on my face and told me: 'It does not matter that you cannot see the final solution straight away, just start writing, and eventually you'll stumble upon the solution.' His words still resonate with me to this day.

Swapping out perfectionism for teeth-clenching, I steadily ploughed my way through the rigours demanded by the IB programme. Penning my Extended Essay and IAs on topics I am wholly unfamiliar with was daunting at first, but in hindsight, all the all-nighters spent scouring the internet were one of my most fulfilling academic experiences. I ventured out of my comfort zones and I took up leadership positions, became a founding councillor for our nascent student council, and spearheaded a charity group dedicated to community fundraising sales.

Coming to Singapore to serve NS, I was thrust into an alien environment. Beginning from ground zero with a botak, I was lost. But I held onto those words my math teacher said to me those years ago, and embraced every challenge with open arms, and managed to earn a rank I am proud of and make lifelong friends from all walks of life.
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Jan 18, 2021   #2
You have not responded to the task. There are certain belief and value systems associated with the character and / or personality of a person. These beliefs dictate your motto in life or your advocates. You have not represented either a value or belief, or both, in this presentation. It appears that you misunderstood or, totally disregarded the prompt you were provided with.

You must look up various belief and values systems to help you created a more appropriate response that will allow the reviewer to get a better idea of your character and how it was formed. These are openly available online. Just find the values and belief system, individually, that best represent you.

Discuss one of each in the essay over 2 paragraphs using no more than 150 words each. You may also provide a combined discussion of the two, provided the value and belief system clearly relate to one another in your presentation.
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Jan 19, 2021   #3
Noted with thanks. Here's the second draft.

A math teacher once told me that, whenever a daunting question seems to reach an impasse, it is always better to just start writing something, anything, regardless of whether the solution is clearly in sight.

I believe it is not so different in life; in life, I believe one must embrace unfamiliarity and treat life as a journey.

Growing up, my education environment had always been in flux. Transferring school several times, it took a toll on my younger self to adapt to new environments and social circles every once in a while. But as I grew older, I came to the realization that it was not so much that I was constantly thrust into the unknown, as much as it was having the opportunity to broaden my horizons and branch into new directions in life. With this change in perspective, the unfamiliar became deserving of embrace, not hesitation.

I used to think of myself as inadequate. Hopping around environments necessitated a need to always compare myself against others to assess my relative self-worth. I thought I was not the most eloquent, nor industrious, nor smartest. But having witnessed individuals who are much better socioeconomically positioned in life to succeed yet fall short of expectations, and also having witnessed individuals who are disadvantaged yet strive and achieve excellence, I came to the conclusion that the best metric of comparison should be against myself.

Whether it be pioneering a nascent student council as the first batch of IB students, or coming to Singapore afresh to serve NS, I have come to view each stride into the fog of war as a step along the journey of life. Some people may be walking faster, others slower; what matters is to never stop walking this journey and to do the best one can.

Would love to hear from you! Thanks!

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