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Odenza Marketing Scholarship: choose a city that is ideal for your prospective career

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Dec 20, 2011   #1
Can anyone help me with this essay, it must be under 500 words, have proper citations (endnote, footnote, or parenthetical form), and have proper format?

Choose a city located anywhere in the world that you believe would, from a future employment prospective, benefit your career. Explain in under 500 words how spending time in this city would help you become more marketable to a potential employer(s). Clearly identify how it will benefit you. For example, going to Paris may help you if you are interested in Fashion Design. Note that this should not just be stated. You must provide an argument supporting this statement.

With the healthcare on the rise, a demanding career known as Occupational Therapy is beginning to become more popular. Occupational therapy (OT) basically helps people of all ages with their lives by helping them perform daily tasks such cooking, cleaning, or even something simple like buttoning a shirt. Even though the demand for OTs is increasing all over the United States, Orlando, FL is the ideal place for me to practice this field of medicine in order to serve any kind of person, whether they are young or old.

With the elderly population increasing (bls.gov) and the state of Florida having approximately 4% more senior citizens than the rest of the United States (U.S. Census Bureau), many of them are continuing a tradition to retire in Orlando. Even though technology has led to the elderly living longer lives, they are still capable of being unable to perform daily tasks they previously able to do. Since Occupational Therapy will be primarily needed for the elderly, Orlando is the ideal place to have a career that is needed, keeping me actively involved with my community.

While Occupational Therapy usually is needed for the elderly, there are young people who are unable to perform daily tasks and need it as well. According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 52,000 people under the age of 18 reside in Orlando, FL. With accidents that can occur at attractions such as Disney World and Universal Studios, being an OT can help young people by letting them be able to perform tasks while their lives continue.

From retirement homes for the elderly to fun attractions for kids, being in a demanding field specifically in Orlando, will give me the opportunity to be there for anyone, whethere young or old.

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