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One act of kindness will eventually lead to another compassion. Relationship-building - Chevening

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Nov 16, 2021   #1
Hi everyone! Greetings from Indonesia. My name is Arya. I would like to have my Chevening essay reviewed (although it is already being submitted weeks ago). Could you please give feedback and input to this? Thank you very much, stay healthy and have a blast day!

Prompt : Chevening is looking for individuals with strong professional relationship-building skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Please explain how you build and maintain relationships in a professional capacity, using clear examples of how you currently do this, and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future. (minimum word count: 100 words; maximum word count: 500 words)

Relationship-building and shared learning

I believe that one act of kindness will eventually lead to another compassion. It also applies in the research world.

In 2018, 1** civil servant candidates from various cultures and races in Indonesia were recruited as research engineers at ***. Accordingly, I formed a cohort as a melting pot to accommodate their transition from the candidate of civil servants to official civil servants. Furthermore, I gathered their aspirations and concerns, facilitated their administration needs, and conveyed them to our liaison officer. Therefore, this cohort is helpful for our graduation. I then maintained our connection through forming an organization within that group, creating a gathering event, and social media group for coordination. I also gathered a donation fund for cherishing members' special occasions. Up until now, we are still connected and sharing helpful information through social media.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, I worked as a civil servant with a research engineer role at the N*** in Indonesia (****, formerly known as ****). I was involved in a wasted oil to fuel facility construction. This facility was the first and the only one in Indonesia. Specifically, this facility is in B****, S****, with a 20 ton/month production capacity and worth 4 billion rupiahs. Indonesia's Ministry of Forestry and Environment had appointed **** as the project executor.[1] Consequently, a temperature monitoring system worth 35 million rupiahs for this facility is required. Hence, I was assigned to build and commission that system. It uses Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software for monitoring temperature inside the reactor. I shall do a Modbus address programming to make this software work. However, a bug in the programming caught me in a deadlock. Little did I know that the network I established before comes in handy. One of my fellow researchers is a programming specialist. With the deadline looming before my eyes, he was willing to assist me by decoding the program in a night. Finally, the temperature monitoring system worked seamlessly, delivering the on-time and successful project execution.

This project also creates another wonder. Moreover, it employs and educates ten locals from underprivileged backgrounds to use this state-of-the-art facility. Until now, I still discuss any problems and give solution with them related to the project through the WhatsApp group. As a result of keeping our client's trust, another maintenance project for this facility worth hundred millions rupiahs is awarded to us in October 2021.

In the future, I will love to contribute to Chevening Alumni Association Indonesia and Chevening Connect. I want to engage as a committee, mentor, or speaker to share my experience. I also want to discuss and connect with other alumni in the energy sector. Furthermore, I'm dreaming of collaborations to build a renewable energy facility or giving recommendations to energy policies. I believe that these will positively impact Indonesia and even globally.

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