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One of my cardinal principles is influencing my immediate environment and my country at large

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Aug 30, 2018   #1


As a young professional, one of my cardinal principles is influencing my immediate environment and my country at large. While growing up, I noticed the need to help the less privileged young adults in my local government area. Due to the passion I have to cause a change and make an impact in the lives of many, In 2007, I took part in the competition organised by the government of the day aimed at establishing child parliament manned by young adults to help the less privileged. Thus, I took part in the competition and was appointed the speaker of the child Parliament in my local government.

During my term as a speaker, we made significant impact towards enhancing the lives of young adults. For instance, we promulgated laws that prohibited child hawking and ensured that every child found doing so, was taken back to school. Seminars were organised to ensure that the rights of a child are made known especially to the parents and then to the immediate society at large. Through this program, the voice of young adults were strengthened and there was full participation of young adults in making policies affecting them.

In 2013, during my undergraduate studies, I was part of the leadership of Legal clinic aimed at offering free legal services to indigent members of the society especially in the area of enforcing their fundamental human rights. At the time, we received a handful of complaints from victims who were arrested and detained without regard to their fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution. In a bid to tackle the problem, I spear headed and organised a visit to the prisons to interview the inmates, liased with the prison authorities and bailed some of the inmates in addition to ensuring that the there were charged to court at the appropriate time while treating them fairly.

In other climes, the need to decongest the prisons in our jurisdiction arose. Thus, I wrote to the chief judge on behalf of the legal clinic body to consider the release of inmates who have been long detained without trial . From our records, the jail delivery was conducted and some inmates released as a result of a concerted effort of the leadership of the legal clinic.

In 2017, during my National Youth service scheme and considering how important it is to me to make an impact in my immediate environment, I was part of the leadership of young adults that set up and registered an organisation aimed at introducing new set of values in our political hemisphere in accordance with international best practices. Through this platform, we have successfully organised conferences, seminars and interactive gatherings aimed at giving the youths a platform to show case their talent in different sectors. We assign roles to different individuals as it affects the youths in our society.

For instance , during the 2018 United Nations Youth Day celebration, youths were not left unattended. Thus, a conference was equally organised in different areas of the country to keep the mind of the youths agitated on the happenings in the society and the need to be conscious of our indispensable role in our country's polity.

I am a firm believer of leadership and influence.

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Aug 31, 2018   #2
Iin 2007,...
Thus, I took part ... -- Replace "took part" with another term; it was already used in the preceding sentence.

... the voice of young adults were strengthened ... of young adults in making ... -- The issue here is redundancy. Avoid using the term twice in a sentence, unless you want it to be emphasized.

Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Aug 31, 2018   #3
Mayor, these are nice references for your academic leadership and influencing skills. These are however, not competitive when it comes to the Chevening scholarship program. You offer no actual practice of leadership and influence in a professional setting nor an applicable community service setting. The year references make these too old for consideration in terms of your application. This is not an essay that will make it past the first round of considerations due to the professional competitive nature of the scholarship.

You will need to refer to your current career in this essay. Reference a role of leadership and influence that you had to do recently. Not more than 2 years ago if possible so that the validity of the action can be considered fresh and applicable to your application. The only problem you will have is if you do not have any professional leadership and influencing skills. In which case you will need to fall back on any community or civic leadership and influencing activity that you may recently have participated in.

Believe me when I tell you that I wish you could use this essay in your application but you just can't. Based upon my years of experience as a Chevening adviser and the high number of students accepted into the scholarship program based upon my tutelage, I know what the committee is looking for in its candidates and this is not it. Read the other samples of previous Chevening leadership and influencing essays at this forum. Learn how to write the essay based upon their work. Consider what experience you have that you can present in an impressive manner to the reviewer and develop that into a new essay for this topic.
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Sep 13, 2018   #4
Thanks a mill for your apt contribution. I will work on it accordingly.

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