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"One day or Day One" - 2021 GKS Public Administration Personal Statement

occulus001 1 / 1  
Oct 26, 2020   #1
Hello guys! This is my personal statement for my application to 2021 Global Korea Scholarship for Undergraduate here in the Philippines. Please read and review my essay and I really appreciate your feedback to improve my essay. My personal statement is entitled "One day or Day One".


It was 1:00 at midnight. A loud knock with the heavy little stomps of the rain awakened my senses. I jumped off from the bed to check who is knocking. As I open the door, "Evacuate! The water is at the critical level!" the village guard shouted in panic. I quickly ran to my parent's room in my adrenaline rush to wake them up. As the water continues to elevate, we swiftly move to pack up our clothes and grab some food as if we're stealing. While heading to the evacuation center, I heard my neighbors screaming and the thunder roaring as the flood continues to rage.

This scenario happens almost every year because we live nearby the river. The house is offered to us by the company where my father is employed as a mechanic. On the other hand, my mom is a housewife selling goods online from her friend's business, and I assist her in promoting the products through social media. Both of my parents did not attend college so the opportunities for them are barely reached, but with the support of my sister working in a construction company, we managed to survive. Since we never had a lot, we are left with no choice but to stay. Nevertheless, I am still grateful to have this home that shaped me as the person I am now.

Seeing the hardships of life have become my power to jolt headlong to reach my dreams. As I enter high school, I began exploring my potentials and interests. I found social sciences as my favorite subject because of how I witnessed the most pressing problems in our society. Therefore, I dive deeper into studying social sciences by engaging in a variety of activities related to the subject. In my first attempt at public speaking called XYZ in 2018, I bagged the gold medal at the provincial level and qualified in the national competition spearheaded by the XYZ. In 2019, I won the silver medal at the provincial level in the same category held by the XYZ. To further improve my public speaking skills, I joined a debate contest where I was recognized as the Best Speaker and my team was the 1st Runner Up as we battled it out for the top plums. Throughout high school, I focused on honing my skills, and character. I became a class president, a dance club member, a school choir member, a team leader of my batch, and an executive officer of a theater club. Being the president of the club is truly challenging, yet I exhibited an unyielding desire to improve as a leader by continuous learning and building my character. Outside of campus, I am a member-advocate of "XYZ" wherein I spread awareness about mental health aiming to have a healthy society. As an advocate, my role could save someone's life especially during these challenging times where people get stressed, become depressed, or worst commit suicide.

My family had influenced me to value knowledge and character as part of success. Thus, I recognized these accolades and experiences as fundamental to my personal and professional growth. Above all, it brings me a wider perspective of my society that banishes my ignorance.

For the past eighteen years of living in a flood-prone village, nothing has even changed nor improved. This includes families dwindling to nothing who aspire to have a better life. In short, we remained stagnant. And so I want to pursue a Public Administration major that revolves around policymaking, urban planning, and public service that attains for sustainable development. When I worked as an intern at the Mayor's Office, it gave me the experience of working in a government which is an advantage for me as I pursue my major. I imagine myself sitting in a round table while formulating policies, creating projects, discussing strategies, and turning them into actions that could improve people's lives. I want to challenge the status quo and I believe that Korea will help me bring positive change.

The thriving economy of Korea and its steady progress is what motivates me the most, but I am also attracted to its amusing culture. As I immerse myself in a diverse setting, it allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the world. It gives me excitement to know more about Koreans and the values they possess that I could adapt. I am always intrigued by the tourist spots of Korea like the National Palace Museum of Korea that served as a reflection of its rich culture and history. Furthermore, Korea is known for being one of the Asian Tigers due to its rapid industrialization and high exports of technology around the globe. In 2011, the Korean Institute of Public Administration stated that, "Beneath Korea's phenomenal social and economic accomplishment lies public administration." In fact, the South Korea is the 12th world's largest economy in 2019 based on its GDP according to World Bank. Behind these economic achievements are the strategies to effectively approach a direct development and I am deeply motivated by the prospects of learning these things to bring it in my country. The opportunity to study in Korea will equip me with the skills and qualities I need to possess as I pursue a Public Administration major. On top of that, Korea will help me to become a designer of the present and the future of my country. With my thirst to learn, I can reach my highest untapped potential.

Applying for this program is a risk as I take a gap year, but I plucked up the courage as an attempt to make my dreams into reality. It's impossible for me to step onto prestigious Korea due to my financial barriers, but with the support of the Global Korea Scholarship, this will fill the gaps that my limited resources had created. This program will also bring me to a new venture where my potential can be expanded. More than that, this is an opportunity for my country to progress.

The place where I live is only a reflection of my country, and my home is only one example of millions of poor Filipino families. The water is still reaching the surface, elevating constantly. Hopes are beginning to sink and the ambitions are starting to drown. Yet here I am, hoping. One day, communities will grow and foster where it's placed on safer ground. One day, children will pack up their bags because they have access to education. One day, families will cheer as they walk the pathway out of poverty. However, this will remain as "one day" if no one will take action. And I have the initiative to make it as "Day One."
thien ngan - / 1  
Oct 31, 2020   #2
A pretty good essay. I like the title and the meaning of your assignment " One Day or Day One".
I wish you can be chosen for the 2021 Global Korea Scholarship for Undergraduate.
OP occulus001 1 / 1  
Nov 2, 2020   #3
@Holt I am hoping that you could read my essay, give me feedback, and rate my essay from 1 to 10. It means a lot to me. Thank you so much!

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