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Outlining the reason of my future three universities choice - Chevening "Study In UK" Essay

wafa mauqifa 1 / 1  
Oct 8, 2019   #1
Dear the readers, I attached this essay to get anything correction and have my script going better for fulfilling Chevening requirements.

why such studies in the uk?

Many licensed researchers who have published science discoveries are commonly emerged from the UK. Refered to this, I emphasize my personal reason to study psychology in the UK because of mostly programmes has a depth focal to the basic or foundation. Moreover, vast psychology programmes in the UK has made collaboration with NHS (National Health Service) which means, I would have the specific practical time with the experts of clinical psychologist. This big opportunity will enhance my clinical skill practically as the next level that I have learned.

I determined the programme of Genes, Environment and Development in Psychology and Psychiatry In King's College London to be the first priority. This course consisted interdisciplinary on two focuses, genes and environment which will be discussed in psychology and psychiatry's point of view. Regarding to this information, I would expand my knowledge and skill pertinent to psychology and medical field (psychiatry). Moreover, the process of learning would be conducted in SGDP centre on weekly and directly taught by renowned experts. One of them is a researcher Robert Plomin which his journals publication are often been used for the student's research paper in Indonesia. I am attracted to this psychology courses that tailor in cross-knowledge and the basic of emerging and determining people's behaviour.

University of Southampton is the next option and I will involve in Foundations of Clinical Psychology for Master Science programme. The programme connects with NHS and the student will be taught by the psychologist and practitioners. Second, the programme emphasizing to learn about psychological well-being which has smaller concern than two other options that I considered. Yet, I can acquire the knowledge about cultural diversity, so it perhaps would be reviewed from various comprehension.

The last, I would rather to choose the programme of Mental Health Psychological Therapies at Queen Mary University of London. This learning method was perfectly structured and it has been divided into the three major modules. First, I will start to learn the basic complex of mental health needs. It will be carried on the second module which is practicing a couple of sort of therapies. Here, I could figure out the work atmosphere in separated placement, and undoubtedly I will select the clinical care. This step would be extenuating me in tackling the real society because of various therapies that I had taken before. Next to the last modules is preparing me as a student about final research and project systematically.

In order to the fact in Indonesia, clinical-health psychological issues has less attention because many people ignore as such. Owing to this, I become more strong-willed to gain my education and convince the people about the importance of understanding humanity. I must be able to bring out the gist of culture diversity and wisdom in knowledge which I have acquired from study abroad in UK, and it will be started here.
Iyanus19 1 / 2 3  
Oct 10, 2019   #2

Hi, wafa mauqifa.
I hope this feedback is helpful.

I would recommend that you check the essay again for subject-verb agreement, lexical structure and the use of punctuation marks generally.

Furthermore, I would advise that you should improve the coherence in the essay which means the connection of ideas within the sentences and paragraphs.

For instance,
Refered to this,With reference to this, I emphasize ... because of mostly ... or foundation most programmes accentuate more on the basics. ... in the UK has have made collaborations with NHS ... which means, that I would ... time with the experts of clinical psychologist professional clinical psychologists. ... my clinical skill practically (tautology)as .......
OP wafa mauqifa 1 / 1  
Oct 11, 2019   #3

Hallo Iyanus, thank you for replaying my email. This is really helpful suggestion.
Thank you..

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