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Some people think that children perform better in a single-sex school compared to a mixed school.

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May 20, 2020   #1
Some people think that children perform better in a single-sex school compared to a mixed school.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


It is believed that single-sex education is better for student than coeducation. This notion is completely justified, as will now be explained.

There are two primary reasons why studying in single-gender schools could bring enormous benefits. First, since each gender possesses unique strengths, characters and thinking ways, separating different sexes in teaching could help educators design more appropriate curriculum for each gender to make students develop their best potential. For example, there may be literature books that feature strong heroines, or books with an emotional story that will resonate more with girls than with boys, hence, girls can be inspired by these stories or people which is more connected to them and boys will be the same if they also are taught by this way. Second, single-gender schools could provide children more relaxed learning environment. Boys and girls in such education do not have to worry about impressing the other gender, which will allow them to focus better during tutorials and stay clear of unnecessary misconducts.

Some may argue for the benefits of coeducation. The logic behind this argument is that It can give boys the chance of learning how to behave around the opposite sex at an early age, dismissing gender misconceptions and differentiating between rude and chivalrous manner. However, it is a real case that most schools currently do not provide much focus on educating right behaviors between each gender and gender equality because they need to spare most of the time on academic teaching. In fact, there are many places beside schools where children can connect with various people included other gender, such as entertainment areas, extra classes, or even through the internet that have become popular today. It is also a matter of fact that the number of sexual cases in teenager has increased alarmingly thought most of nations nowadays is applying coeducation system. Therefore, an idea of switching to single-sex education should be considered to curb this rampant serious problem.

In conclusion, the proposal of educating in single-sex schools is justified in many aspects. Countries all over the world should take this proposal seriously and make their first step to assure future development of children.
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May 20, 2020   #2
Your prompt restatement is too short and does not properly respond to the given discussion question. You need to have 3 sentences at the very least, 5 at the most that represent:

- Prompt restatement
- Extent response
- 2 reasoning topics to be discussed

Example response:

There are students who go to gender specific schools. The students who go to these schools have parents who are opposed to neutral gender education academies. The reason they give is that the learners from the former schools tend to have higher accomplishments when compared to the latter teaching institution attendees. I fully agree with this point of view for specific reasons. These reasons relate to academic training and gender specific learning interests.

Your presentation lacks the response to the given question and the outline of the topics for discussion. While others will tell you that it would be best to be non-specific outline of the discussion topics, recent exam results have shown that by outlining the discussion topics at the start, the student score is helped in terms of TA considerations. It also helps the student keep track of the specific topics for discussion, that will allow for a fully developed reasoning paragraph instead of over discussing the essay while still lacking in properly developed discussion presentations.

Your essay already has 2 good reasons presented in the first reasoning paragraph. However, the lack of discussion development for each topic brought a lack of clarity to your explanation and created a problematic presentation in terms of cohesiveness and coherence. If you had chosen to simply use a transition sentence at the end of the first topic presentation, then presented the second topic as a separate, fully developed paragraph, the essay would have had a chance to score better in the C&C section.

The second reasoning paragraph does not relate to the first discussion. However, it contains 2 topic references that you could have also used as the specific reasoning discussions for your presentation. This creates a non-cohesive paragraph presentation as the paragraphs do not relate to one another in topic. Your reasons need to be related, which is what I explained to you in the previous paragraph. The discussion went from single point of view to an A/D discussion. Another common error among exam takers. This is a single point of view essay presentation.

Do not confuse the number of reasons presented with the clarity of the essay. You are not being scored on the reasons that you can present, you are scored on how well you can explain the reasons. So when presenting 2 separate discussion paragraphs, you have a chance to fully explain each reason. A chance you do not have when you try to present too many reasons, but are not capable of fully explaining each reason. Err on the side of caution. Use one topic per paragraph and focus on explaining your reason clearly instead.

Your second reasoning paragraph created a counter argument not required in the original prompt. You went against your own opinion as stated in the prompt paraphrase question response. So you just confused your own essay presentation. It is no longer clear to the examiner which side of the discussion you actually support. Always focus on proving your opinion response to be the right one. Never write a paragraph that creates a "maybe" in the discussion. That will negatively affect your scoring chances in terms of C&C considerations and TA requirements.

The concluding summary should repeat the prompt topic, your 2 reasons, and your opinion. Your current presentation does not properly accomplish the reverse paragraph requirements. Such an error will pull down your chances of a higher scoring essay.

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