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Perspective in the US - studying in country that value the research and the technological innovation

Caique 1 / -  
Nov 15, 2014   #1
Dear friends,
I am going to apply for Fulbright Scholarship. One of the essays that I have to write is about my perspectives in the US. First of all, I am still learning the English language, so it should have many writing mistakes. Could someone give me some help with it? Thanks a lot.


Perspectives in the U.S.: In an essay of no less than 250 words and no more than 500 words, explain the unique perspectives you hope to gain in the U.S. and how you intend to use these skills, knowledge and experience upon your return to your home country.

Perspective in the US

Studying in a country that value the research and the technological innovation, in addition to have the best worldwide universities, is a worthwhile opportunity. In spite of the Brazilian economic and technological growth in the last decades, it is far behind its real potential. When the pre-salt layer was discovered in Brazil, the oil industry received more attention and investments and I hope to work in this field someday (in the oil refining process or in the production of polymers). So I want to contribute to the technological advance in Brazil with all the knowledge I acquire while in the US.

I believe that the academic clubs play an important role on the social formation of the students, but in my university, the extensive workload occupies most of the time, and there is only few clubs. In the US, on the other hand, it will be possible to frequent these extracurricular activities, and volunteer work.

Another point that it is important to me is to know a culture different from mine and to show a little about the Brazilian culture, in addition to make an international professional network.

Certainly this experience will improve my interpersonal communication skills in many backgrounds. For instance, it will enhance those skills as an English speaker. Although I already speak and write in English proficiently, I will practice in an academic context. Since the most relevant information about Chemical Engineering are written in this language, this improvement means more accessibility to relevant scientific community, which will give me extra professional support.

In addition, interdisciplinarity also draws my attention. Since in my university the courses are restricted to the area of Chemical Engineering, rarely addressing other areas, the opportunity that exists in the United States to take courses linked to other areas would increase my possibilities in research, therefore I will have much more to contribute to Brazilian science, economy, and environment.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Nov 17, 2014   #2
Caique, are you supposed to discuss your general perspective of the United States? Or can you discuss the social, political, and educational aspects of the U.S. as you understand it? The reason that I ask is because the prompt you gave is too general and broad to be discussed properly. You need to narrow down the focus and concentrate on only one aspect of the perspective which you feel will best shed light on your understanding of the United States and its citizens. Do you want to discuss their politics? Their society? Or maybe their economics? You could even discuss their history as a nation. The essay is about your understanding of the United States as a country. It is not about your idea of why a U.S education will suit your needs, which is what your essay is currently discussing. So if we can narrow down the perspectives topic, we should be able to redirect the essay in a manner that will allow you better offer your understanding of the country.

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