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'being a pharmacist is liked being blessed' - Essay for applying Chevening Scholars

Angela Nang 4 / 10  
Aug 23, 2016   #1
I would like to post my Chevening essay and I will be very delighted if my essays get assessment from every one. Thanks in advance.

1.Chevening is looking for individuals who have a clear post study career plan. Outline your immediate plans upon returning home and your longer term career goals.

I would love to say that being a pharmacist is liked being blessed. My affection to this career life is shaped by my interest and my experiences. I have become aspired by my personal ambition of becoming an oncology pharmacist after seeing the tragic moment of a cancer dying patient.

Currently, I am working as a regulatory pharmacist at Department of Food and Administration, FDA, Myanmar. Pharmacist is a lifelong learner. I just graduated Bachelor of Pharmacy and so I desire to study postgraduate programme specialized with Cancer pharmacology or Cancer drug discovery. If I have finished Master degree, I will try to contribute my knowledge as soon as possible. Upon return to my home, I will continue to work at my former workplace first. There are over 5000 types of medicines including chemo drugs are being imported to Myanmar and registered for quality, safety and efficacy before distributing to market. I suppose that I can assist to facilitate in the process especially concerned with the regulation of chemo drugs.

However, I intend to shift from a product-centered to a patient-centered pharmacist as my long term career goal is to become an oncology pharmacist. Therefore, I will later transfer to Cancer hospitals or cancer research center to involve as part of the cancer team. Cancer treatment and palliative care are not generally available in the public health system according to the WHO report.

As our country is a developing nation with underfunded and understaffed, there still needs a lot of human resources in health providers. We require to have a specialized training and knowledge to battle cancers. By improving the medical professional skills, we can optimize the better therapeutic outcome and minimize the side effects to improve safety through appropriate medication. The responsibilities of chemo pharmacist include safety checks, education and research patients' response and pharmacovigilance.

In addition, I wish I can coordinate with other professions to share our experiences and give advices or help the prospective students via the workshops and seminars. I believe exchanging education and ideas can make better and better professional society. After exposing sufficient experiences, I will continue my Pharm D program. I need to ensure high quality education to provide update information about the ideal use of chemo drugs. Therefore, I cannot quit my professional development programs as my final destination is to be a specialist at chemo drugs.
nazzia30 5 / 13  
Aug 23, 2016   #2
If I have finished Master degree, ...
If given the chance to finish this Masters degree, I will fully contribute my knowledge to this field.
Upon return to my home, I will ...
Upon returning home, I will resume my job in my current work place.

... health system according to the WHO report and I intend to render my services there.

... training and knowledge to battle the different kindsof cancer

In addition, I wishtocoordinate with (...) experiences and give advice

... education and ideas can lead to a better andmoreprofessional society.

After exposing sufficientthe right experiences and exposure, I will continue my Pharm D program

I hope you like these improvements I've made. Please see how your essay looks after this :)
OP Angela Nang 4 / 10  
Aug 25, 2016   #3
Thanks for your assessment @nazzia30

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