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Posessing great networking skills is like a treasure, and it's the key to knowing people

asmaasalem 3 / 13 4  
Oct 15, 2017   #1
Please, I need your help to check my networking skills essay for Chevening application.

My network has extended day by day

By owing qualities like being good listener, cooperative and supportive of the others, I think the individual will have treasure, knowing people, with them the person's life would be improved via exchanging knowledge and experiences.

The networking has been significant for me since the bachelor stage, via which not only study-relevant information exchange was occurring, but also acquiring other skills. One of my peer joined summer training at a company with me after I had informed her about it and encouraged her to join. Also, I uplifted my computer skills and got ICDL certificate by attending a course that a peer from different department has told me about it.

My network has extended day by day through attending courses, volunteering, and working at different employers, that entitled me to help my contacts later on, to seize good opportunities even in work or internship. I have recommended a former friend at English language course, for joining a worthwhile vocational training I had joined to gain communication, leadership, as well as project management skills.

Within my working for a hospital as a chemist, I was called to another job vacancy but I apologized, and then I immediately contacted a previous peer who needed work to apply for it, and she got accepted. Even when I worked at a rapidly growing publishing corporation, I almost informed my all contacts about the job vacancies and some of them were employed. My network skills assisted me to consult colleagues to solve work problems and gain new knowledge, and vice versa. Thank to one of my previous colleague at that corporation, who has guided me and corrected my errors, I have well written an essay required for scholarship application for a master degree in my interested area about which I was provided more information by a demonstrator at my faculty, who has been one of my faculty peer.

Several social and professional benefits could be reaped by networking; therefor I'm careful to keep in contact with my friends and colleagues via Mobile calling, Facebook and LinkedIn. Concerning Chevening reward, I would like to expand my network by joining Chevening network, by which I will be able to interact with people with different cultures and experiences, make friends, gain benefits at the human and professional levels, and also support peace as well as mutual cultural and experiences exchange among our peoples.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,699 3503  
Oct 15, 2017   #2
Asmaa, unfortunately, your presentation is not strong enough to represent a professionally developed network. Aside from the severe grammar problems that hinder the understanding of your presentation by the reader, the fact that these networks were created during your academic years but not continuously cultivated resulted in a disconnected networking activity on your part. Chevening does not require simple, word of mouth referrals for its network, as you implied in your essay. It requires strong, professional, and notable network connections, developments, and usage. It has to be relevant to your field of work because Chevening will be considering how well your network might serve yourself and the other Chevening graduates and future scholars within the same occupation. If you cannot make a significant contribution to the growth of the aforementioned network, then, you will not have an impressive networking skill and essay to present.
OP asmaasalem 3 / 13 4  
Oct 16, 2017   #3
Thanks a lot @ Holt..

I'm working on it.
just_writer 24 / 42 5  
Oct 19, 2017   #4
Here are some corrections for your second draft,

a manual medical analysis
now I'm following him with the medical
I hope to join the Chevening community
meet and communicate with people
as a scholar, I will
OP asmaasalem 3 / 13 4  
Oct 20, 2017   #5
Please @Holt could you recheck my second draft of networking skills essay?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,699 3503  
Oct 21, 2017   #6
Hi Asmaa, I hope that you can increase your participation in the forum since you already got started. I hope that you can find the time to help out the others here just as they have taken the time to help you out. I'll be reviewing your essay again since you show a record of participation in the forum, albeit on a low scale at the moment.

Unfortunately, your second version is no better than the first. It still lacks a proper reference to a networking ability on your part. All you discuss in this essay is how you were trained by other people or how they inspired you to try to be a better worker. That is not how networking functions in a Chevening set up. I need to see evidence of how you handle problematic situations that ask you to connect with other people within and beyond your professional field in order to achieve a resolution. What was the situation? Who was the possible contact? How did you meet that person? What was the result of your contact with that person in relation to the problem? Did he refer you to someone else? If yes, then you have an existing contact or network at the moment. Now you will need to justify the importance of that network in relation to your career and how it can help the Chevening scholars both past and present. There is nothing in the current version that dictates a network was created in relation to your work related activities.
OP asmaasalem 3 / 13 4  
Oct 28, 2017   #7
Please... recheck my network essay

Through working as a chemist at a manual branch laboratory in medical analysis field, I found a strange feature during examining a urine sample under a microscope, I consulted the manager who supervised and trained me. I went to him at the main laboratory for rechecking it. He told me the patient suffered from a fungal infection in the urinary tract because of presence of a type of fungi in the sample and a urine culture had to be done for right diagnosis and treatment later on. I got the right examination and guided the patient to the next procedure. Till now, I'm following the medical analysis of one of my family members with him. As well, laboratory work skills he taught me and I obtained, will assist me in my future career as a researcher.

While employment at a hospital laboratory, I encountered a problem, when a patient, who was suffering from severe abdomen pains, came for some microscopic examinations. Within checking the sample, I found some things I did not see before, which were related to Parasitology that I would study it in depth, at the second semester of physiology and biochemistry diploma while I was at the first one. Therefore, I called one of my colleagues, and she came and checked it with me in the next day. After checking, she told me there were one of intestinal tapeworms and a protozoan parasite. Thanks to her help, I handed the right result in the time, helped the patient and gained new information. I still communicate with her via social media for further help in my masters inquires as she is doing a master degree.

Additionally, a dear friend since the university study is providing me valuable information about the recent researches and applications of my interested area, Biotechnology, based on her recent capacity and expertise as a demonstrator in Microbiology and Botany department, at XXX University, when I meet her at the university or contact her via Facebook. I think she will help me and my network in the future due to her Microbiology experience.

Regarding Chevening, I hope to join the Chevening community as it is a great opportunity to enhance cultural exchange concept via meeting and communicating with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and expand my network by interacting with peers, professors and developers with various professional and scientific knowledge and experiences. As a scholar, I will connect to past Chevening alumni and bond both the past and present alumni to my old network for mutual benefits in Biochemistry and other fields.

Keeping contact via video and phone calling, attending events and activities, guiding them in their problems and inquiries, exchanging the information, sending notes, besides using social media, Researchgate and linkedIn, will maintain these networks for professional and social support and keep relationships alive.
VictoriaSMITH 2 / 4  
Oct 30, 2017   #8
I think you explained the reason in depth! good job!

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