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Practical examples on how I will use my knowledge - AAS (Master of International Trade)

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Apr 29, 2021   #1

Australia Awards Scholarship essay

Hi Guys, Here is my essay for Australia Awards Scholarship 2022.
The essay prompt is:
a) give up three practical examples of how you intend to use the knowledge, skills and connections you will gain from your scholarship. Possible tasks can be personal and/or professional; and

b) list any possible constraints you think may prevent you from achieving these tasks:
I will value your comments. Thanks in advance.

Firstly, I will be contributing to the increase in the export of domestic SMEs to Australia. Over the years, the number of domestic SMEs with organic products made from natural raw materials has increased. These companies have a strong desire to expand their market and launch their products and services internationally. As a foreign trade consultant, I will be assisting these enterprises to devise an analytical and effective business strategy on the Australian market in compliance with trade law and regulations.

Secondly, I will share my knowledge and skills acquired through the master's program with my co-workers. The company I currently work for is planning to extend business operations by providing foreign trade consulting service to domestic businesses that are interested in launching their products and services internationally. In line with this expansion, I will be contributing to the training and preparation of new employees, particularly those who just graduated from university, and sharing what I have learned from the master's program in Australia.

Last not but least, I will use the connections, which I would develop during the master's studies, in exploring new trade opportunities with other countries. The Australian Awards Scholars that would be composed of future leaders, and peers from all over the world to specialize in international trade, should surely be useful for me to discover new trade and investment opportunities and connect foreign organizations that are interested in doing trade with domestic SMEs.

In terms of constraint, it is common for SMEs don't meet the quality control and the standards of importing countries. This could prevent me from contributing to those companies to launch their products internationally. But, I believe one possible solution to this constraint is to make them familiar with international standard through our regular free training for domestic SMEs even before they become our customer.
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Apr 30, 2021   #2
The constraint that you present must coincide with the solutions and help that the courses you will be studying will contribute to your community or the business that you are participating in. You have to remember that for every example that you give, there is always going to be a corresponding problem that you will have to overcome in order to succeed in doing what you plan to do. While you can retain the over all obstacle presentation that you have in the final paragraph, It would be better for your presentation to acknowledge every obstacle that you have to destroy in order to successfully use the knowledge that you have gained based on your examples.

You may opt to discuss any traditional mindset or business eccentricities that may prevent you from successfully implementing the programs that you hope will help improve the field or profession that you are a member of. Explain how your training, both theoretical and practical, along with your newly created network will be able to help you establish more useful programs in the business. Make the reader believe that you're additional studies and practical experience will help you successfully defeat the obstacles in your path.

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